Kind Words

My time in Sedona has forever changed my life”

I feel such a sense of gratitude for my experience at the Shakti retreat. What I experienced is hard to put into words, but it was transformational and life changing. Sharing sacred space with a group of women for 5 days and feeling the power of authentic sisterhood is one of the most amazing experiences. We shared our life stories, we held space for each other to be vulnerable, to cry, to yell, to be fully heard and accepted. That is powerful medicine. Watching each other transform, peel off layers of old programming and dysfunction, to reveal the beautiful authenticity in us all was an honor.

I have so much love for the sisters I shared time with and thank them all for their courage and strength, to do the tough work to heal ourselves and stop the cycles and and shift the paradigms of dysfunction for ourselves, our children and all those who come after us. This type of work has the power to heal the world.

And a thousand thank you’s to Sandra for being the facilitator of this experience . For making us feel so truly loved, supported and safe. I can not fully express my gratitude for your work in words. My time in Sedona has forever changed my life. Thank you for being a beacon of light to call us all back to our ourselves, to help us remember who we truly are, and help us remember the gifts of being a woman.

Bridget H.

Lut Jeuris

I felt the high energy in the room”

I was lucky to attend some of Sandra’s workshops in Europe before she moved to the US. She is a powerful healer and I have experienced first hand how she can rise the healing frequency during her workshops. Sandra is an extraordinary, powerful lady whom I highly appreciate and recommend. About the Womb healing work; the moment I entered, I felt the high energy in the room. Sandra had created beautiful and cosy Sacred space Sandra that felt very safe and peaceful. When the meditation started I could feel the frequency rising and during the ceremony I felt like Sandra made it possible for all the women to be present in that moment of receiving the womb healing and blessing. Receiving the Blessing was a special occasion for me, I want you to know that I had a hysterectomy years before… It felt like my uterus, my Womb had returned to me and since that day I can feel the energetic connection to that feminine part of my body.

Lut Jeuris

“I am eternally grateful for Sandra

My experience with Sandra and her work was so profound and life-changing. I cannot put into enough words the extent of the ancestral and trans-generational healing that took place in Sedona. I am eternally grateful for Sandra, and for the work she is doing on this planet.

Raquel Spring
Lizy Nicolaers Elisabeth

I felt her power and motivation”

I loved Sandra’s workshop, it was the most beautiful, most intense experience EVER!! From the first moment I felt her power and motivation to help people, like a Shaman or medicine woman…a powerful energy you would find with the indigenous healers in the Andes. I felt safe to open myself up for the inward journey to bring healing to my Femininity and healing to my Ancestral lineage in order to be re-born! Sandra’s powerful guidance combined with specific breathing techniques and musical support, allowed me to go deeper and deeper to the core were I was able to reach an intens healing level. I want to thank Sandra for the work she does, she guides and supports people from a heart and Soul level, WHAT A GIFT!

Elisabeth Nicolaers

She is amazing and a gift to the world”

I highly recommand Sandra as a spiritual coach. She is fantastic! Her support and love is comforting and refreshing and her passion for her work is very inspiring. Her vibrancy, joy and truthfulness have opened my heart to a world of endless possibilitiies. She is wise, sharp, aligned and with the heart of the size of the planet with the energy of a rainbow. She is amazing and a gift to the world as a coach and as a woman… So don’t search further because you just met the perfect coach on your life’s journey….

Mary-Roos Nijs

I was able to connect to Mother Earth in a personal, profound way”

I experienced a healing session with Sandra that influenced me to the core. I was able to connect to Mother Earth in a personal, profound way. I left her session feeling more grounded and alive. I took this connection into my everyday life and continue to feel the effects daily. Now that I am able to root I feel more secure in my body, my financial flow is stable, and I no longer feel the need to run away from situations.

Andrea Kehler

Thanks to Sandra my life is changed”

One fine day I got a message from the Universe to go meet Sandra. I decided to go to one of her workshops,  in which Sandra used the Soul re-birthing Technique. It totally changed my perspective on my relationship with my mother because the workshop allowed me to tune into her experiences during her 2 pregnancies. I never knew my mother had miscarried a baby girl (my unborn sister) before I was born. This information brought about new insights about my time in the womb and how my mother was feeling during that time. Thanks to Sandra my life is changed and I have a new outlook on LIFE!

Sammy Heeren

I’m blown away”

Sandra, I want to thank you, for the work you do and for the healing you initiated. I’m blown away, and I’d like to share about it more publicly on Facebook at some point, and cite your name and website if you’re open to it. I keep thinking of how many women are so desperate to conceive and for whatever reason, they cannot. It seems there is a lot of potential with the work you do to help these women.


Sandra walks her talk”

Sandra walks her talk. The teachings she relays and healing methods she teaches – you can bet she thoroughly integrated and lived them before passing them on to you. I admire the way she teaches about spirituality simply by BEing. Receiving a healing, getting a coaching session or following a workshop with Sandra will leave you enriched – because of the huge arsenal of spiritual knowledge and experience this gorgeous lady has to offer, and because of her presence. I am blessed for having her as a friend, sister, mirror and teacher.

Fabienne Fooij

I felt comfort and Sisterhood”

From the moment Sandra’s hug greeted me and I met with the other women for the Shakti Power Spring adventure, I felt comfort and Sisterhood. The guided meditations and rituals led by Sandra were beautiful. She created a sacred space for this right in her own home. Other activities were outside in the stunning nature of Sedona. The experience has given me a whole new level of appreciation for my connection to mother earth and all woman as well as to my female ancestors. Thank you Sandra, for facilitating this journey and your nurturing presence.

Gail Greenwald

There was a light openness in the air”

I hadn’t met Sandra before, nor did I have a clue what a,“Womb Ceremony” was… but somehow I ended up on the doorstep of this event, and simply couldn’t say no to beauty of the divine synchronicity.

There was a light openness in the air that immediately brought me comfort, and allowed me to relax and drop into my hearts centre.

Sandra is spectacular, in that she hold a very nurturing feminine space, in a strong, powerful, goddess way. I found myself unafraid to face my fears, unafraid to cry, unafraid to scream, and I walked away from this divinely orchestrated event feeling incredibly liberated, empowered, and connected into my womanhood.

This Ceremony concluded a chapter in my life of inner child healing, and opened the door for an expansive path towards clearing out old 3 dimensional patters, and creating space for a fresh, beautiful, divine, organic, energy to be allowed forth.

One of the greatest gifts I received came in the e-mail Sandra shared post ceremony. She actually passes along the “Womb Right” so that anyone women who feels inspire may share and perform the ceremony with other women! What a beautiful reflection, and what an amazing gift she offers to the world at this time.

Thank you for this blessing, Sandra. The experience will not be forgotten!

Alyssa Gruhn

Cindy Ebben

she helped me to move closer to my Feminine Essence

Old beliefs came to the surface during the Wisdom of the Womb Workshop… Thanks to Sandra I was able to finally let go of these old pieces that were blocking me. I want to thank sweet, beautiful Sandra, she helped me to move closer to my Feminine Essence and be more of ME!

Cindy Ebben