Sandra is available for 90-min Private Sessions


During our Zoom video call you can connect with Sandra for personal support and guidance, share your experiences with her, and ask questions about any topic of interest to you. It's an opportunity to dive deeper into your experiences, blockages, fears & dreams and explore what type of healing or support is relevant to you right NOW.

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Consider opting for Sandra's "Heal your Past, Change your Future - Inner Child Healing" online course or her Chakra De-Armouring Course linked below 

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Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of online courses or FREE guided videos that are available? Let Sandra guide you through all the offerings and help you find the perfect fit for your personal journey!


NOTE: If you choose to go on a deeper journey with Sandra, the entire cost of the guidance call will be credited towards the payment of one of her online courses.

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FREE of charge way to stay in touch with me is by subscribing to my YouTube channel, I have put a lot of love, time and energy into it, because it’s my pleasure to make my work available to a larger audience. Everything on the YouTube platform is FREE, it is my gift to everybody regardless of where they live or what budget for healing they have. I hope you enjoy it!

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