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My name is Sandra and I’m a Womb Wisdom Keeper, Sexual Energy Healer, Reiki Master, mother of 2 boys and true Lover of Life. My experience in Energetic Body de-armoring, Womb Healing, Birth Regression and meditative opening allows me to hold a very nurturing feminine space, in a strong, powerful, goddess way during my Divine Feminine workshops and multiple day retreats. 

With over two decades of teaching experience it is my mission and highest excitement to help you open to your natural, authentic self so you can tap into a more vibrant and orgasmic way of living!

I believe CHANGE STARTS FROM WITHIN and together we can raise the vibration on this beautiful planet, so we can have loving relationships, live in harmony with ourselves, others and all of creation and anchor this balanced energy deeply into our collective co-creative consciousness.

As part of the Harmonious Earth team in Sedona, I have co-facilitated many life-changing group Adventures in High Vibe destinations all over the world.



Phone/Skype sessions are opportunities where you can reach me for support and guidance, share your experiences with me, and ask me questions that cover any topic of interest to you. We can dive into your experiences, blockages, fears & dreams and explore what type of healing or support is relevant to you right NOW.

If you would like to schedule a phone session, click here 

My experience with Sandra and her work was so profound and life-changing. I cannot put into enough words the extent of the generational healing that took place on the gorgeous afternoon in the Vortex energy of Sedona.
I am eternally grateful for you Sandra, and for the work you are doing on this planet.

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Raquel Spring

Intuitive Astrologer

Sandra’s facilitation is filled with such radiant power and yet an incredible angelic force of gentleness & kindness.

Mara luasa

I loved Sandra’s workshop, it was the most beautiful, most intense experience EVER!!

Elisabeth Nicolaers

Sandra’s energy is pure, crystal clear and soft and her Feminine tenderness is very powerful.

Brigitte L'Hoëst

Sandra devotes her full being in everything she does,  she touches you with her transformational energy.

Andrea Otte

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