My name is Sandra

I am a Timeline Trauma Release Facilitator and Teacher Trainer, based in Sedona, Arizona. My passion is to help people, just like you, to heal and fully recover from Childhood & Sexual Trauma… using my signature session techniques; Sexual de-Armouring, Soul Birth Re-birthing and Ancestral Womb Healing in combination with Breath-work, Soul Retrieval and Timeline Reimprinting techniques.

As a teacher I am also the eternal student…. For decades I have trained with experts in various fields with the intent to improve my skills and reach deeper levels of intuitive awareness. It’s my highest excitement to stay on top of my game so I can be of the greatest service as a teacher to you!

With over two decades of teaching experience, I am able to hold space, in a very nurturing, powerful way during my private sessions, life-changing retreats, and my transformational Teacher Training Program.

Next to this, I also offer a large selection of FREE guided healing sessions on my YouTube channel to support people all over the world. All my offerings are designed to align you with your highest potential, your vision of the future and birth a new you into being.

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