New Goals - New Life

Online Workshop Series with Sandra Rolus

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This powerful online series was recorded with a live audience. Click the link below to get lifetime access to all the video and audio recordings.


This transformational 3-part online course will support you to

  • Discover your blockages
  • Let go of the past
  • Make space for new energy
  • Set new goals
  • Call in the Magic of New Beginnings
  • Manifest the life of your dreams



Live Workshop + Access to Recordings for 48 hours


Two Monthly Payments

  • Access to Live Workshop
  • Access to Unedited Recording for 48 hours after the workshop
  • Two monthly payments


  • Lifetime access to all video, audio and pdf's


Sandra is a Sedona based Timeline Trauma Release Facilitator and Teacher Trainer. She helps people to heal their Childhood & Sexual Trauma, using her signature session techniques; Sexual de-Armouring, Soul Birth Re-birthing and Ancestral Womb Healing in combination with Ho’oponopono, Breath-work and Timeline Re-imprinting.

Sandra also offers a large selection of free guided session on her YouTube meditation channel to support people all over the world to shift away from toxic relationship dynamics and rewire for real heart to heart connections.

Sandra is excited to share her knowledge from a place of heart-earned experience. With over two decades of teaching experience and 3 decades of deep relationship work under her belt, she has what it takes to guide you onto a new timeline, full of abundance, love and joy.

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