"Breath of Abundance - What You Want, Wants You!"

May 5th - May 9th


Join us and a group of like-hearted men & women, in a serene oasis on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic for a powerful 5-day retreat, focussed on attracting abundance into your life!

This is an extraordinary opportunity to manifest what you want, under the guidance of 2 experienced facilitators, while basking in the beauty and sunshine of this enchanting Caribbean island.

For a limited time we are offering an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL that includes lodging, 3 meals/day, juices, fruit, drinks, snacks during our time together.

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Sandra & Brittany

Green Ray Heart Activation

Sound Healing Alchemy Journey

Group Exercises and Processes

Sandra Rolus

Sandra is a Sedona based Timeline Trauma Release Facilitator and Teacher Trainer. She helps people to heal their Childhood & Sexual Trauma, using her signature session techniques; Sexual de-Armouring, Soul Birth Re-birthing and Ancestral Womb Healing in combination with Breath-work and Timeline Re-imprinting.

With close to three decades of teaching experience, Sandra is able to hold space, in a very nurturing, powerful way during her private sessions, multiple day workshops and teacher training programs. Next to facilitating LIFE CHANGING Retreats, Sandra is a content creator on YouTube. Check out her channel with over 20M views. Sandra supports people all over the world with her powerful selection of free guided healing sessions.

Brittany Roselle

Brittany offers teachings in the re-claiming of sovereign personal power & awakening the path of enlightenment to the holy grail with-in. Her signature sessions such as DNA reclamation, clearing cellular distortions and soul fragment retrieval support people to alter conditioned belief systems. 
Brittany guides her clients in 1:1 sessions, workshop, trainings & retreats through a deep process of cellular alchemy.  Her loving guidance is there to powerfully restore the inner sacred temple & bridge the mental mind as a servant & ally back to their soul's wisdom & inner knowing. 
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During our 5 days together you will 

  • Transform and upgrade your belief systems about abundance 
  • Experience the transformational power of Breathwork
  • Clear self limiting blockages
  • Re-wire your mindset for success
  • Align with your highest potential
  • Re-connect to your Infinite Self and manifest your heart's desire 
  • Re-inform your DNA, enabling you to create new timelines
  •  Welcome in joyful and heart-connected relationships
  • Dance & play under the Caribbean sun
  • Make friends for life!

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Early Bird Offer
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  • 5 Days of Quality time with Sandra & Brittany in the Caribbean
  • Lodging in a double room (separate beds)
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Fresh fruit & healthy snacks twice a day
  • Spring water & herbal tea all throughout the day
  • All Group Sessions
  • Sound Healing
  • Surprise group excursion
  • Daily movement, dance & yoga to support your body in the manifesting process
  • Daily access to the garden, pool and beach
Reserve Your Seat For $555

Early Bird Offer


Payment in Full - best deal!


  • 5 Days of Quality time with Sandra & Brittany in the Caribbean
  • Lodging in a double room (separate beds)
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Fresh fruit & healthy snacks twice a day
  • Spring water & herbal tea all throughout the day
  • All Group Sessions
  • Sound Healing
  • Surprise group excursion
  • Daily movement, dance & yoga to support your body in the manifesting process
  • Daily access to the garden, pool and beach
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Join us on a journey that will boost your confidence, ignite your manifestation power, elevate your belief in possibility, inspire you to become the most empowered version of yourself and give you the freedom to truly love yourself in a safe and high vibe group setting of both men & women, while basking in the sunshine of a tropical island.




"One of the things I am so grateful of is coming across Sandra’s meditations and getting to meet her in Sedona. You have no idea how much she has influenced my life."


"Sandra’s retreats open you up to a whole new way of life, helping you eliminate the negatives of your past and focus on the positives of your future. An amazing feeling! After the Retreat I actually felt ready and a deep longing to have sex again. With the help of aloe vera oil and a gentle and sensual partner I was actually able to have full sex, deep and fulfilling for the first time in 7 or 8 years and the second time I was so aroused I didn't even need the aloe vera and both times were without having had any alcohol to relax me. Wow! I am free!!! the sexual de-armouring has worked and so quickly!! Thank you so so much, my dear dear Sandra."


"Sandra offered a toolkit of options for deep personal work, many of which were new to me. She created a warm and safe environment for the attendees, who were from all over the globe. I was able to let go of the heaviness in my pelvic area through your work and I now have a new mantra about when I will let go--now. I discovered new insights each time and I look forward to continued, evolving insights. Sandra is a treasured mentor for everyone who is lucky enough to work with her."


"I have attended Sandra's workshops and it has been incredibly valuable. Sandra is 120% there for you, and I have felt so held and safe. I have been helped to release the trauma of past lives. We have been given valuable tools to strengthen ourselves and build a strong foundation to be able to be in our own power. We have activated our kundalini power, which has been very exciting and brought a lot of healing. I am so grateful that I took the opportunity to participate. I can highly recommend Sandra Rolus, she is amazing."


"I’m grateful to Sandra because I did not realize how much energy and trauma I held in my reproductive system. I've suffered from the most terribly painful periods, fibroids and cysts since my cycle began. My personal sexual power was taken from me at the age of 5, and during that time period, I learned to justify and downplay the harm. I learned to rationalize and learned to cover up for others so that I wouldn't experience the confusion or sadness that I felt. I learned to be a people pleaser at 5 years old and from that time on, I believed that my value was solely tied in my ability to give to others, even if their needs and wants came at a detriment to mine.. I shed so many tears during this deep work because I never associated how I learn to let myself be manipulated so early and the guilt and shame I felt from that and how it created toxicity in my sexual reproductive system.. This workshop series freed me. "


"I would like to take the time to personally thank you for your work, your support and your guidance, as, known or unknown to you before now, you have made a great impact in my life To put it nicely, it  has been a year full of an accumulation of great challenges for me - personally, professionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. But it has also been a year of overcoming many of these challenges, gaining a wealth of knowledge and being gifted much wisdom. It has been a year of building my character, my integrity and trust in myself. As I reflect on this year, I realize I could not have got to where I am without your help so I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH."


"Sandra shares a powerhouse of information and resources, but her extraordinary gifts, in my opinion, are ones that have been clearly cultivated over time and this signature is not easily replicated because it is held in her own unique form. Outside of the process not that many words are spoken, but inside she holds a vast amount of reverence for the infinite unknown, an authority to guide and take you there and a deep wisdom that is met through the resonance of her voice blended with deep love, trust, confidence and faith. In the short space of time, of clearing the root and sacral chakras as well as the heart space; (areas of money, creativity, play and sexual energy) I received a very, very large cash injection for my business, I also booked a sweet role in a film, and my spirit of fun, play and enthusiasm for life has returned in bucket loads. Thank you Sandra."


"This was my first experience at a retreat and had no idea what to expect! I am 24 years old and decided to just try it out! The best way I can explain this retreat is experiencing real life magic! After a few months since the retreat I can confidently say this retreat was everything I needed and more to help me tap into the person I am and want to be! Not only is the context of this retreat so valuable but Sandra as a facilitator is what I would recommend most. Sandra creates a safe, supportive environment ideal for growth and transformation! If you are ready to explore the deeper parts of yourself surrounded by like-minded women who also want to do the same and experience an incredible life altering weekend, this retreat is for you. Thank you Sandra!!"