It’s time to take your power back and realize that all change starts within!

From personal experience I have learned that the greatest gift you can give yourself is to breath and relax and to go deep into all your energy centers (Chakras) to free yourself of all the fear, pain, resentment, blame and guilt, that got frozen in time, frozen deep inside the cells of your body and in your auric field, causing dis-ease, anxiety and discomfort.


My Guided Chakra De-Armouring program offers you that opportunity, from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace!


During this online series I will lead you on a journey into all the different energy centers with the intent to clear them and connect and align them with the other Chakras.

Next to working with the 7 major Chakras, you will also work with the Earth Star & the Sun Star Chakra and lots of other deep guided sessions that will bring you to a new level of coherence in your energy body and auric field.

List of High Quality Recordings with Sandra’s voice and background music:

Earth Star Chakra – 32:00 min
Root Chakra with Yoni Healing – 47:24 min
Sacral Chakra – 40:34 min
Solar Plexus – 28:20 min
Healing & Releasing Repressed Emotions - 58:58 min
Ho’oponopono for Radical Self Forgiveness – 33:14 min
Heart Chakra – 41:24 min
Dropping Limitations - 13:49 min
Throat Chakra – 34:32 min
Third Eye with intro to Akashic Records – 25:12 min
Trauma Release Exercise - Working with the Younger Self - 30:07
Crown Chakra with access to Akashic Records – 21:57 min
Seven Chakras + Rainbow Body Activation – 19:25 min
Present Life Soul Retrieval - 30:30 min
Unity Consciousness Meditation – 23:35 min



Lifetime Access