Being the most expressed self I can be, that is how I live my life.

As a Transformational Coach, I am on a mission to raise the level of awareness & happiness on this beautiful planet!

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Self empowerment tools
  • Succesful manifestation techniques
  • Clear insights Creative ideas to deal with challenges
  • Powerful grounding
  • Strong connections to Source Energy
  • Heightened senses of Self love, Worthiness and Joy
  • Elevated levels of Freedom

Let’s do this!

I had the chance to attend one of Sandra’s workshops in my hometown Vienna, Austria. Sandra made the whole experience very authentic, emotional and strong. She led us through a fantastic, intensive meditation, which in my case had a healing and energetically very deep impact. I highly recommend Sandra and would love any time to repeat this incredible experience with her.

Christiana Mitcheva

I was lucky to attend some of Sandra’s workshops in Europe before she moved to the US.She is a powerful healer and I have experienced first hand how she can rise the healing frequency during her workshops.

Sandra is an extraordinary, powerful lady whom I highly appreciate and gladly recommend.

Lut Jeuris

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