WOMB POWER (ladies only)

This beautiful Shamanic Constellation ritual re-connects you on a Soul-level with Ancestral Healingall the women in your Ancestral Female lineage. WOMB POWER is based on the principals of “De Gouden Rite”, which means “The Golden Ritual”. Womb Power is designed to help you let go and heal the wounds of the Ancestral female lineage and open yourself up to receive the gifts of wisdom and freedom they want to pass on to you on a deep Soul-level. A tremendous feeling of freedom and free choice will be activated and anchored into your consciousness.

Be prepared for profound changes in all your relationships with women, this activation will enhance and magnify the feeling of sisterhood and friendship.

When you finally re-connect with the center of your Feminine loving power and receive all the gifts that await you on a Soul-level you will attract more and more loving and supportive women into your life. You will also be able to share these gifts with the generations to come and experience the benefits that this liberating ritual has on the women that came before you.