A New Moon for a New Beginning

A new lunar phase begins with the appearance of a new moon. The energy most associated with this phase is that of starting fresh and open for a new beginning.

 From a spiritual standpoint, the new moon is the perfect time to start a new project. Your energy from the last lunar cycle has been cleansed, giving you a spiritually clean slate.

Come Experience & Discover

  • The Vortex energy of Sedona
  • Sedona’s dark night sky full of stars
  • Your unique Soul Medicine
  • A connection to a lineage of healers
  • An awakening to the Creator-light within
  • An opening to the wisdom of the Earth keepers and Mother Earth
  • The healing power of Sisterhood 
  • Nourishing food for body, mind & Soul


Sacred and Playful Activities

  • Soul Mission Exploration
  • Connection to the River, Moon, Earth & Stars
  • Guided Activations & Meditations
  • Healing Ceremonies 
  • Movement & Dance
  • Group circles & sharing

Align with the Energy of Universal Love


The Magic of Sedona, New Moon Retreat, is inspired by the heart activating power of the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki.

In the Quechua language, “Munay” means universal love. “Ki” is from the Japanese word for energy. Together, Munay-Ki means energy of love. After you go through the nine rites of the Munay-Ki, you can begin to dream the world into being… the world that we want our children’s children to inherit.

During the Retreat you will reconnect with nature and receive 9 energetic transmissions. Sandra will offer 9 activating meditations, in alignment with the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki, that will transform your luminous energy field, heal the wounds of the past, and re-inform your DNA so you can make a powerful contribution to the world. 


Soul Medicine

You are more amazing and have more value than you can possibly imagine. This Retreat is about uncovering your Soul’s potential that is innately and irrevocably in you. It is also about finding the best ways to more fully express your unique talents, value, power, femininity and beauty.


  • Connect to Nature and explore your own true Nature
  • Discover how unique and valuable you really are
  • Become your authentic self and embody your unique expression 
  • Open new ways to live and express your true gifts and talents and not settle for less
  • Welcome in your full joyous self in everyday life and in Relationships with others
  • Cultivate confidence and motivation to set healthy boundaries and truly follow your highest excitement

Sandra’s connection to the Munay-Ki

Sandra received the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki back in 2012 

One year later Sandra received the ChakaRuna, Rainbow bridge, 7 levels of consciousness, by Don Alejandro & Doña Santusa

In 2013 Sandra also received the Nusta Karpay, also known as the Energetic Blessings of 7 Andean Goddesses of Nature

Sandra has been a committed ambassador of the 13the Rite of the Munay-Ki, also known as the Womb Blessing, and ever since 2013, Sandra has been sharing this powerful Womb Healing with thousands of women all over the world

This Retreat is open to all levels, if you already received the physical transmission of the 9 rites of the Munay-Ki, then this Retreat will support you to take your energy to the next level. If you are new to the Munay-Ki, it will be a gentle energetic introduction to this powerful work.

Sandra’s unique approach (without physical touch) in sharing the 9 Rites will activate all your energy centers, bringing them into alignment with your Soul’s pre-incarnational desire.

 More About Sandra Rolus

Sandra will be welcoming you with love and support throughout the Retreat and she will assist you to open to your natural, authentic self.

Sandra is a Reiki & Seichem Master, Womb Keeper, Time-line Trauma Release Facilitator, Teacher Trainer and ambassador of Mother Earth.

Her facilitation is filled with radiant power and infused with an incredible angelic force of gentleness & kindness. Her presence is love and you immediately feel safe to go deep and let go into her energetic embrace. She is a beautiful carrier of the divine feminine magic.

The teachings she relays and healing methods she teaches have been thoroughly integrated and lived by her, before passing them on to others.

With over two decades of teaching experience it is Sandra’s mission and highest excitement to help raise the vibration on this beautiful planet, so we can have loving relationships and live in harmony with ourselves, others and all of creation.


The Power of Sedona

Sedona is the perfect destination to activate deep soulful healing and awakening!

I would describe Sedona as a healing point or portal on Earth. Sedona provides the opportunity for personal expansion on all levels; Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. It is a powerful catalyst that will open your heart and re-set your energy.

Based on your intentions, I can offer you a unique Sedona Vortex experience.  When you consciously connect to the land for healing and transformation, Sedona’s Vortex power will help you to let go of any stuck energy in your life and bring your deepest heart’s desires into clearer focus.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up and what are the payment options?

Payment of the $299 deposit will hold your spot!

The final payment of $700 can be transferred up to 10 days before the Retreat starts, Payment plans available!

Payment options:

DIRECT DEPOSIT (from bank to bank): email Sandra for more info

ZELLE: via sandra.rolus@gmail.com (https://www.zellepay.com/get-started)

VENMO: via sandra.rolus@gmail.com (https://venmo.com/signup)

PAYPAL: Deposit Payment, CLICK HERE

PAYPAL:  Full Retreat Price Payment CLICK HERE

Is this a Women only Retreat?

This New Moon Retreat will be LADIES ONLY 

This Retreat is an invitation for you to

  • Connect to the River, Earth, Trees, Moon & Stars
  • Come home to Yourself
  • Activate Your Unique Soul Signature
  • Participate in Healing Ceremonies & Sacred Rituals
  • Move, Sing & Dance
  • Sharing Sacred Space with like-Hearted Sisters

Tell me more about the Munay-Ki and the 9 different Rites

Munay-Ki means Energy of Universal Love

In the Quechua language, “Munay” means universal love. “Ki” is from the Japanese word for energy. Together, these words mean energy of love. 

The prophecies of the ancient Americas speak about a period of great transformation, and foretell of new humans appearing on the planet – persons of wisdom and power who live free of fear and abide in their eternal nature, accepting stewardship for all creation.

Based on initiatory practices of the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon, the Munay-Ki are 9 rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past… the genetic and karmic inheritance we are born with. They transform and upgrade the luminous energy field and re-inform our DNA, enabling us to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

After you go through the nine rites of the Munay-Ki, you can begin to dream the world into being… the world that we want our children’s children to inherit.

The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki are:

The Seers Rite
The Harmony Rite
The Bands of Power
The Healers Rite
The Day-keepers Rite
The Wisdom-keepers Rite
The Earth-keepers Rite
The Star-keepers Rite
The Creator Rite.

#1: Awaken your inner Healer – Healer’s Rite

Connects you to a lineage of luminous healers from the past to assist you in your personal transformation, awakening the healing power so that everyone you touch is blessed. We access tremendous spiritual assistance; ancient healers who help heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.

#2: Sacred Protection – Bands of power

During the sacred protection activation, five luminous belts of energy are woven into your energy field for your sacred protection. Each of the five bands of power call in the energy of the elements, and act as filters, breaking down any dense or negative energy that comes towards you, into one of the elements; PachaMama/Mother Earth, Water of the Mountains, Fire and The Golden Sun, Winds of Air, and the Stars, Moon and Constellations.

#3: Chakra activation – Harmony Rite

A transmission of the 7 Archetypes into the Energy centers.
SERPENT (south), JAGUAR (west), HUMMINGBIRD (north), EAGLE (east) into each of your lower Chakras, from the base to the heart.  You then receive the Archangel Keepers of the unconscious (lower) world and waking (middle) world into your 5th and 6th Chakras, and then the Archangel Protector of the super conscious (upper world) into your 7th Chakra.

#4: Seers Rite

When you receive the Seers Rite, five extra-cerebral pathways of light are installed that connect your Visual Cortex with your Third Eye and your Heart Chakra, through a crown and necklace of light. This awakens the inner-seer, and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit. 

#5: Divine Feminine Healing – Day Keepers Rite

The Day Keepers Rite connects you with a lineage of master healers from the past, present and future. This Rite helps you to heal your inner feminine (regardless of physical gender), step beyond fear in your daily life, and cultivate peace, healing and beauty within your-self.

#6: Divine Masculine Healing – Wisdom Keepers Rite

The Wisdom Keepers Rite helps you to connect to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and the future. This Rite helps you heal your relationship with your inner masculine (regardless of physical gender), step outside of linear time, and become steeped in the medicine teachings of the ancestors. It helps you to connect to your inner wisdom, and teaches wisdom and joy.

#7: Earth Keepers Rite

The Earth Keepers Rite connects you to a lineage of archangels that are guardians of our galaxy, stewards of all life on earth. This Rite strengthens your connection to the stars and the sun (our local star).

This Rite helps you to learn the ways of the Seer and to dream the world into being. The Earth Keeper holds stewardship of the entire Earth, and brings consciousness to how you interact with the world around you.

#8: Star Keepers Rite 

The Star Keepers Rite anchors you safely to the time after the great change (2012). Your physical body begins to evolve into Homo-luminous, your DNA is re-formed, and the ageing process is slowed down. This Rite downloads the codes of new consciousness and opens and connects you to all future possibilities.

#9: Creator Rite

The Creator Rite connects you to the light within yourself – the Source within – so that you can co-create your life. It awakens the creator-light within, your God/Goddess nature and Christ/Buddha consciousness, and brings the cellular realisation that Spirit is not only acting through you; it is you. The Creator Rite brings forth a sense of stewardship for all of creation, and is known as the Taitanchis rite. The word Taitanchis literally translates as ‘God.’

Origin of the Munay-Ki Rites

These rites were first given to ancient teachers by angelic beings, and now are passed on from teacher to student in the form of seeds. Once these seeds are gifted to you by another, it is up to you to grow them into fruit-bearing trees. 

These rites are not only stages of initiation, but possible steps for the evolution of humanity. As nations fight for bits of territory and battle over land, we must find the wisdom to create peace among all peoples. As our space telescopes show us images of a vast and immeasurable Universe, we must find a human story that is inclusive of the stars. And as our ability to destroy the world increases, we are called to step up to the task of assuming stewardship for all creation.

They are not ego-awards or recognition of any kind of achievement, nor do they make anyone special. On the contrary, they make one uniquely unimportant. Only then, from a position of no-ego, can we truly be of service.

The Munay-Ki are a series of nine Empowerment rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q’ero shamans of Peru, brought to the West by psychologist Alberto Villoldo founder of the Four Winds Society.


What is included in the Retreat price?

What is included:

  • 4 Days of Quality time with Sandra
  • Breakfast, lunch and Dinner on day 2 and day 3 of the Retreat and Breakfast on the final day. All the meals offered are Vegetarian organic, gluten & Dairy-free, prepared with love by a local Vegetarian chef and Sandra…
  • All Group Activities, including;  Activations,  Ceremonies, Meditations, Circle Sharing, Breathwork, Group Processes, Vortex exploration, Dance, 
  • Daily walks in nature + movement & dance to support your body during the energetic upgrades
  • Opportunity to meet like-hearted people and make new friends
  •  Deep connection to the Sedona Vortex Energy
  • Spring water, herbal tea, healthy snacks

The Retreat Price is $999  
Note: if you have attended one of Sandra’s Shakti Retreats you receive a discount of $100

What is not included?

  • Airfare to Sedona via Phoenix Airport
  • Transportation from the airport to Sedona and from your lodging address to the Retreat house. Sedona has 2 excellent shuttle services from and to the airport with prices ranging between $50-$60 (one way)
  • Info about and links to the shuttle services are listed in the FAQ “transportation from the airport to Sedona”
  • Opening dinner at a local restaurant in Sedona (organic food with gluten and dairy free options)
  • Lodging: there are a limited number of room options available in the retreat house (during the retreat) or in one Sandra’s Airbnb’s and carpool with her to the retreat house. If you wish to extend your stay (before or after the retreat) we recommend you book your room at one of Sandra’s Airbnb’s in West Sedona. For more info email sandra@sandrarolus.com
  • Closing Lunch (optional) for those who have time after the closing ceremony of our Retreat to join the group for lunch

What time does the Retreat start and end ?

On Day 1 we meet at 3 pm at the local restaurant for a late lunch/ early opening dinner (address will be shared after you sign up).
Plan your travel accordingly, to arrive on time!!

On the last day we end around 11 am and check out of the Retreat house at that time. After we leave the house, there is an opportunity to buy yourself lunch with the group at a local restaurant. The size of the group going to lunch will depend on people’s travel schedule.


Make sure you plan accordingly. Phoenix airport is a 2 hour drive to Sedona. Remember flights can be late and the schedule of the Airport Shuttles may vary. In case of doubt, I suggest you fly in a day earlier to make it work, this will eliminate unnecessary stress.

If you arrive after dark, I suggest you get a hotel near Phoenix airport and book the shuttle (or rent a car) the next morning and drive to Sedona in the daylight.

NOTE: This Retreat is a life-changing event and every step builds momentum for the next one, therefore it is important that you commit to attending ALL the sessions that Sandra is offering. 


Sample daily schedule (prepare to be flexible)

Day 1

  • 3 pm: meeting at the local restaurant (be on time!)
  • 5 pm: Opening circle on the Red Rocks 
  • 7 pm: Gather at the Retreat House
  • 8 pm: Activation/Meditation

Day 2  

  • 07:00 breakfast
  • 08:00 Movement or dance
  • 08:30 Guided sessions, sharing, journaling, Art divination
  • 12:00 Lunch break
  • 14:00 Guided sessions, processes, outdoor activity
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 Evening session or activity

Day 3 

  • 07:00 breakfast
  • 08:00 Movement or dance
  • 08:30 Guided sessions, sharing, journaling, Art divination
  • 12:00 Lunch break
  • 14:00 Guided sessions, processes, outdoor activity
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 Evening session or activity

Day 4

  • 07:00 Breakfast 
  • 08:00 Guided sessions and processes
  • 09:00 Closing ceremony
  • 11:00 Say goodbyes
  • Optional group lunch

What is the weather like in Sedona?


From March through May high temperatures range from the 60s to low 80s. It is the perfect time for hiking. Low temperatures will range in the high 30s to high 40s, so it can get a bit chilly as the sun recedes.

From June through September high temperatures range from the high 80s to mid-90s. Low nighttime temperatures drop into the high 50s to low 60s making for very comfortable evenings.

High temperatures fall to the mid 70s during October. November highs drop into the low 60s. Oak Creek Canyon is beautiful with the arrival of the golden colours of Autumn.

High temperatures from December through early March will average in the low 50s to 60s, but nighttime lows can get quite cold. It will snow in the winter, but usually is just a dusting and will quickly melt. However, snow cover can prolong in the higher reaches of Oak Creek Canyon. A snow-covered Sedona, Arizona is spectacular.

Google “weather+sedona”


What type of clothing do I need to bring?

Sedona has a casual vibe, no need to overdress 🙂 and the best way to prepare for Sedona weather is to bring layers! 


  • comfy yoga pants, shorts, tank top or short sleeved t-shirts, fleece vests 
  • warm socks or slippers for indoor
  • comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
  • small backpack for towel, drinking water & snack
  • swimsuit + towel 
  • water shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (just in case) 
  • Light rain coat (just in case)
  • Your camera, Sedona has lots of photo opportunities!



  • comfy yoga pants, tank top or short sleeved t-shirts, fleece vests 
  • warm socks or slippers for indoor
  • comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
  • small backpack for towel, drinking water & snack
  • swimsuit + towel 
  • water shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (just in case) 
  • Light rain coat (just in case)
  • Your camera, Sedona has lots of photo opportunities!



  • comfy yoga pants, long sleeved t-shirts, fleece vests 
  • warm socks or slippers for indoor
  • comfortable walking shoes or sneakers 
  • small backpack for towel, drinking water & snack
  • warm boots
  • warm coat + Beanie hat, for the chilly mornings and evenings
  • sunglasses
  • Your camera, Sedona has lots of photo opportunities!


What NOT to bring 🙂 

  • Leave any resistance at home, this retreat is carefully designed and each piece of the puzzle is important. To ensure the flow of the retreat schedule and out of respect for the group energy, you are required to be on time each morning and be present for all sessions
  • Keep in mind this is non-smoking, substance free retreat. The type of deep inner work we will be doing does not mix with alcohol or drugs. If you are a smoker, Sandra will designate you to a safe outdoor area
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume, fragrances and/or strong scented essential oils, some people are oversensitive and we want to be mindful of our impact on others

How do I best prepare for this retreat?

A few weeks before, Sandra will send you a detailed email with what to bring and how to best prepare for the upcoming retreat. 

What are the circle principles and rules of conduct during the retreat?

Circle Principles & Rules of Conduct

A circle is the oldest form of gathering for human beings. Assembling this way feeds a primal need and raises the vibration of the planet! Everyone is equal in a circle so sharing and inclusion surface more readily.

I am BEYOND excited about our circle, which I will also refer to as our sacred Container. Because This is a time where you can feel safe and nourished by the energy of the group container, to let go what is holding you back and feel the energy of Sandra and the group fuelling your new vision of the future and nourishing time lines.  The principles we will practice here will benefit you on a personal level and any of your present and future group endeavours.


Our Circle Principles serve as an understanding and agreement of intention and rules of conduct:


  • State of Being: Circumstances don’t matter, our reaction to the circumstances is what matters. We promise to be the guardian of our state of being and place this principle of holding a high frequency at the top of the list. 


  • Inner Wisdom:  We understand that we are Infinite Beings having a human experience and that every “experience” is a catalyst for us to grow, learn and evolve. The connection to our Future self and Higher self is the key to Self-realization, balance, harmony and oneness.


  • Respect: We promise to respect the sacred container/circle principles. We understand and accept that the online teaching platform offered by Sandra is a sacred place, and we take full responsibility to show up with an open heart and open mind.


  • Communication: We promise to cultivate and improve our loving communication skills inside and outside the circle. We will use the talking stick principle and only speak from direct experience – the “I” perspective. We refrain from speaking about “you” and actively control the human habit of reacting, recapitulating, cross-sharing & trying to rescue others. We are in full agreement that if any triggers, issues or problems arise…this will be communicated in private with Sandra. This will enhance the feeling of safety for all involved.


  • Safety: . We promise to protect each other’s right to anonymity and privacy. We promise full confidentiality and refrain from talking, sharing or discussing any information, outside the group container. This will encourage us all to drop our armour, walls and shield and step safely in a more open-hearted, vulnerable state of being. 


  • Compassion: We actively open our hearts to everyone present, including ourselves. We practice non-judgment and non-infringement towards others. We celebrate all of the diverse ways of existence.


  • Courage: We promise to be fully disclosed and transparent about our own blockages in order to show up authentically and learn from each other


  • Silence: We consciously allow space for silence. We understand that so much of the magic happens within these pristine moments of silence.


  • Diversity & Inclusion: We acknowledge all stories as the loving expressions of our shared humanity. We include all beliefs, all paths, all loving practices, and all people. We also honor ourselves with a welcoming heart.


  • Simplicity: We value authenticity, determination, kindness, courtesy, playfulness, support, generosity, We appreciate our tears and laughter and encourage the simple blessings that shift and enhance the quality of our lives.

Flying to Sedona

If you need to fly in a day earlier to make it work, there are 2 options:
  1. book a hotel near Phoenix airport and book the shuttle (or rent a car) for the next morning
  2. Book an extra night in Sedona at Sandra’s Airbnb

If you have time and your budget allows it, please consider extending your stay. You can come a few days early and stay a few days longer to enjoy the beauty of Sedona and perhaps explore more of Arizona. 

  • Cathedral Rock
  • Birthing cave
  • Bell Rock
  • Shaman’s cave
  • Boynton Canyon
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Grand Canyon (3 hour drive from Sedona)
  • Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend (3 hour drive from Sedona)
  • Fossil Creek waterfalls (1 hour drive from Sedona)

How do I get from the airport to Sedona?

  • Car Rental. Renting a car is the best way to get from the airport to us. By the time you pay for the shuttle it is not that much more to rent a car. If you decide to rent a car, let Sandra know if you are willing to share your ride with one or more of the other participants. Carpooling is a change to recover some of your rental costs, because you will get $25/one way (per person) for the ride share, making this a win-win for everybody!!
  • Transfer from Airport by Shuttle.  You have 2 options: Book with Ace Shuttle, they will drop you at any address (home or hotel) Price = $55 one way. Another option is to book the Groome Shuttle from Phoenix to Sedona, with drop off locations at one of the hotels in Sedona or a home/retreat address, Price ranges between $55-$65 one way

Note: Prices may change, be sure to double check the rates on the websites of the Shuttle companies


Travel insurance

I recommend you get travel insurance in case you need to cancel or something unexpected comes up. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & Refund policy for the Retreat payments:
Depending on the date of cancellation, you will be able to *transfer your payment  to another one of Sandra’s live or online retreats within 18 months 

  • 100% *transfer in case of cancellation 60+ to 15 days before the Retreat starts
  • 50% *transfer in case of cancellation 14 to 8 days before the Retreat starts
  • 0% *transfer in case of cancellation 7 to 0 days before the Retreat starts


I have more questions before I sign up, can I set up a Zoom call with Sandra?

YES, you can… Sandra is happy to answer any questions you may have!

CLICK HERE to set up your private guidance session with Sandra. The cost of this session is 100% transferable to your retreat deposit payment, if you choose to sign up.

I want to come earlier and/or stay longer in the area, what are the must see's and must do's?

Explore Sedona and the beauty of Arizona:

Sedona is a wonderful destination, and you might want to come early before the retreat starts or stay a few days after the retreat is over. There are many trails and landmark hikes that will take your breath away. I highly recommend you do some research prior to you booking your flights.

My personal favourites

  • Cathedral Rock
  • Bell Rock
  • West Fork Trail
  • Fay Canyon
  • Boynton Canyon
  • Slide Rock
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Shaman’s Cave, etc…
  • also Google “Fossil Creek” (1 hour drive from Sedona), this enchanting nature spot has waterfalls and a very unique energy (note: reservation required) 

Getting around in Sedona:
The must see areas of Sedona are spread out with several miles between them and you will need transportation (rental car, Uber or Lyft) to get to the hiking sites, go to the store and/or restaurants.

Lodging in Sedona:
Sedona has a large variety of hotels and Airbnb options. Sandra also has a few Airbnb rooms with private bathroom and separate entrance available.

Did you know that Sedona is only 3 to 4 hours from the Grand Canyon, another hidden gem is the beauty of Antilope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell, to name but a few. If you wish to explore the greater area you won’t be dissappointed, Arizona is breathtakenly beautiful…

Personal responsibility

By paying for any of Sandra’s Retreats you are agreeing to the following terms:
By signing up and paying for a retreat or one or a series of coaching sessions with Sandra Rolus, I recognise that Sandra Rolus is not a licensed therapist nor has she claimed in any way to hold such a license.  I understand that if I am currently in therapy, it is my responsibility to consult and obtain alignment with my therapist prior to working with Sandra. I understand that if I am in need of individual counseling or if I am taking any type of psychiatric medications, this group retreat is not for me. I understand that Sandra’s retreat are 100% substance free.

This liability form is valid and effective beginning upon date of payment for such services and will remain valid indefinitely. By paying for any services or retreats I have accepted this agreement voluntarily and freely. I am accepting the terms of this liability form and understand that I have given up my considerable future legal rights and take full responsibility of any personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with Sandra Rolus and Otorongo LLC. I recognise that I take full responsibility for any emotional issues resulting from signing up for and attending a retreat and do not hold Sandra Rolus and Otorongo LLC or any of her employees responsible for those results.

Sandra Rolus does not provide medical advice of any nature, specific or general, nor the suggestion of any diagnosis or treatment, nor the endorsement of any physician or medical facility mentioned herein. Nothing herein is intended to or should serve as a substitute for medical advice or diagnoses rendered to you by your individual doctor or other health care provider. Only a licensed physician should evaluate your situation, provide a diagnosis, or render other medical advice to you, and you should act only upon the advice of such physician.  By accessing the website, you acknowledge that any decision to use any content or service available through this website or to take or not take any action based on information contained herein is your sole decision, based on your independent evaluation.