Connect to your Higher Guidance

Manifest from your Divine Self

Full Moon Shadow Work

New Moon Light Body Activation

Special Guests

Gatherings Every New Moon & Full Moon

This is your chance to join the Tribe and be part of Sandra’s inner circle. We will gather 2x every month…to receive new downloads for inspiration and deep healing.
Sandra will create a Sacred Temple space, where you can ground, connect, receive, align, participate, share, ask questions and be part of the Shakti Tribe.
Get ready to tap into the power of Mama Gaia, the spirit animals, the crystals kingdom, the four winds and elements, the medicine of the Ancestors, your Guardian energy, the Goddesses and all the beings of Love, Light & Wisdom…

Nourish your Body, Mind & Soul

Every time Sandra is offering her transmission, her guides and your energetic support team will work together to raise your frequency to new levels of Love, compassion and forgiveness.
During these Sacred Circles you will tap into the Unified field of infinite possibilities to reconnect with your true essence and unlimited power.
The Shakti Tribe is born out of the desire to come together as a group to empower you as an individual from the inside out…
Remember; if I can do it, so can YOU!!

Soul Family – Sacred Ceremony – Connection –

Deep Healing Movement – Expansion – Fun…

Your investment

$22 per month for 2 Moon Gatherings – each session is 1,5 hours
Sign up for 12 months and receive a special discount!


There will be 2 Moon Gatherings each month where we focus on a different key area of life, which we will explore through ceremony, guided meditation, sharing and journaling practices.

Note: The month of October has 2 Full Moons and 1 New Moon (so 3 Gatherings that month)

During the Full Moon gatherings  we will focus on releasing blockages and the New Moon Gatherings are all about bringing in fresh ideas and empowering energy


Recordings will be available in case you can’t join us for the live call. You’ll also have the option to partake in the private Facebook group, which will help you connect deeper to the theme at hand.

Jan 9 - Full Moon | Jan 24 - New Moon

Choosing a New Timeline – Rebirth & New Beginnings

Feb 10 - Full Moon | Feb 24 - New Moon

Sexuality, Sensuality & Sacred Love

March 9 - Full Moon | March 24 - New Moon

Family Karma & Ancestral Medicine

April 8 - Full Moon | April 23 - New Moon

Authentic Self Expression, Communication & Healthy Boundaries

May 8 - Full Moon | May 22 - New Moon

Soulmates, Relationships & Divine Partnerships

June 4 - Full Moon | June 22 - New Moon

Connecting to your Inner Child & Future Self

July 6 - Full Moon | July 20 - New Moon

From Control & Manipulation to Non-infringement

Aug 3 - Full Moon | Aug 18 - New Moon

Connect to your Spirit Animal – Courage & Guidance

Sept 1 - Full Moon | Sept 17 - New Moon

State of Being & Loving what is

Oct 1 + Oct 30 - Full Moon | Oct 16 - New Moon

Connecting to your Higher Guidance – Tapping into new levels of Inner Peace, Trust & Surrender

Nov 13 - New Moon | Nov 30 - Full Moon

Quantum Leap of Faith

Dec 14 - New Moon | Dec 29 - Full Moon

Step into your Mastery of Divine Manifestation

Why am I passionate about the Shakti Tribe?

My Mission

I love to give and it’s my passion to make my work available to everybody. My mission is to help you activate your Light Body and release blockages that got stuck in your Subconsciousness. …That is why I have created the Shakti Tribe, a safe container for you to align with your with your Highest potential, your vision of the future and connect with your authentic nature…

As a teacher I am also the eternal student…. For decades I have trained with experts in various fields with the intent to reach deeper levels of awareness. It’s my highest excitement to stay on top of my game so I can be of the greatest service as a teacher to you.

Sandra Rolus

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