5 Days of Life Changing Sessions

Designed to Birth a New YOU into Being

With Sandra Rolus

Your primary facilitator is Sandra, a Sedona based Energy Healer who specializes in lower chakra trauma clearing, Shakti Energy and Divine Feminine Magic… Sandra is passionate about bridging new age techniques and safe sexual healing with the science of quantum physics to create what most of us would consider to be miracles…

Sandra has invited amazing guest teachers and speakers to join her in making this edition of “The Power of Shakti” a truly life-changing experience for YOU! 

READ MORE about Sandra and her guest teachers below 

Sandra’s Signature Sessions

sexual de-armouring

Sexual Armour is an instinctual survival mechanism. The Fight/Flight/Freeze Contraction causes trauma to get stuck on a deep cell level inside the tissue of the body. The Sexual Armour (shields and walls) that protects old wounds, will trigger patterns of fear, when under pressure, blocking any attempt you make to create long-lasting joyful life experiences.  

Most of the Sexual Armour is found in the Sexual reproductive system, the genitals and around the heart, but every energy center (also know as Chakras) are vulnerable to the effect of this prolonged state of contraction. Sexual Armour can show up in the body as blockages and discomfort in the throat (communication center) and in the Solar Plexus (center of digestive system and stomach and lower back area) to name but a few.

With Sexual de-armouring, you liberate yourself from this state of contraction and in doing so your whole being transforms and becomes magnetic. It activates a new level of Self love and Self respect that allows you to set healthy boundaries and attract more loving relationships into your reality. You will become more playful, sensitive and present and experiencing more joy and pleasure in everything you do!

Sexual De-Armouring is a powerful energetic healing technique that specifically targets pain and trauma that is stuck deep inside the tissue of the body. In most cases this can be traced back to early childhood, all the way up to the present time and sometimes even go back lifetimes!

Imagine Sexual Armour as layers of protection or shields that cause the body to contract, this contraction stops the natural flow of health, vitality and sexual energy. This contraction is usually found in the lower energy centers and pelvic area. In the female body this trauma would be inside the yoni, the clitoris, the G-spot, the Cervix, the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, and the entire sexual reproductive system.  In the male body the trauma is inside the scrotum, testes, spermatic ducts, sex glands, lingam and the entire sexual reproductive system. Sexual trauma/contraction can also be found in other energy centers, like your solar plexus, heart and throat.

The Sexual De-Armouring techniques are designed to awaken the natural flow of energy in your body with the intention to remove contraction that is stored deep in the tissue of your body and the energy field around it. Sexual De-Armouring is a safe and transformative process that will free you on all levels of your being and during the session we focus on freeing all the energy centers, not only the lower chakras.

When you are Sexually de-armoured you are more in tune with your body and better equipped to read people’s energy and recognise red flags. You will be able to feel what their intentions are, instead of listening to the words they say. By moving into this type of listening, listening from the heart in connection to your lower energy centers, your gut feeling so to speak, you can start making better choices that will assist and support you in attracting more loving relationships. Some situations or people are just more toxic than others and by raising your awareness you will become more aware of this energy and start using your discernment to make better choices that are in alignment with your true heart’s desire.

Ancestral Healing

This Trans-Generational & Ancestral healing will be a deep guided Galactic Shamanic Journey where you can connect with your Ancestral lineage all the way back to the source of Creation.

Using Time Line re-imprinting & Shamanic Womb Constellation techniques + specific breath-work to activate deep healing and clearing on both your mother and father’s side of the family tree (even if you never met your birth parents). During this session you get to reposition yourself into your rightful place in the family set up.

This is your opportunity to honor your Divine appointment and end any and all limiting Soul Contracts and Karmic agreements that are active in your Ancestral lineage. YOU have the power to break these limiting beliefs, and in the process heal all woundedness, shame and guilt, as you open yourself up to receive the gifts of Unconditional Love and Wisdom on the deepest Soul-level.

Experience the tremendous feeling of freedom and free choice that will be activated and anchored into your consciousness after clearing the Generational & Ancestral wounds.  The time is NOW for you to receive the medicine and blessings from the highest Soul level of your ancestral lineage.

Soul re-Birthing

Returning to a time before conception, connecting to your infinite Self before the veiling. Fully remembering your Soul Purpose and freed of anxiety and resistance towards your human experience. Inside your mother’s womb we re-program your birthing experience. Re-connecting you to the vital life-force inside the Umbilical cord & Placenta, healing the first wound of separation, birthing a new version of you into being!


Breathwork is a powerful process of healing and transformation. It deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning, negative thoughts and emotions and opens the doors wide for new life and greater consciousness.

Breathwork helps to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy. Breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows what we have been holding onto to surface and be released. This may be suppressed emotional material, physical blocks in the body, old beliefs structures and identifications, old memories, fight/flight/freeze patterns, and addictions.

Sandra uses different breathwork techniques and one of her favorite is the Clarity Breathwork Technique, formerly know as Rebirthing.

Reserve your spot today by paying your $299 deposit
The remaining amount for the Retreat is due by September 8, 2020


  • Transform and upgrade your Energy Field and Light Body
  • Feel the effect of the Energetic full body de-Armouring
  • Change your Time-line by healing the wounds of the past and present
  • Clear & Correct the karmic, genetic and ancestral beliefs you inherited
  • Re-wire your Sexual Neural network for positive sensation
  • Prepare to receive joyful experiences and heart-connected relationships
  • Recondition the body & mind to align with higher consciousness
  • Re-connect to your Infinite Self and remember your Soul purpose
  • Understand your Archetypes and bring their shadow aspects into the light
  • Experience the transformational power of the Sedona Vortex
  • Re-inform your DNA, enabling you to Birth a new YOU into being

5 Day Retreat in the Sedona Vortex!





Join us on a journey that will boost your confidence, ignite your Sensuality, spark your creative power, elevate your belief in possibility, inspire you to become the most empowered version of yourself, and give you the freedom to truly love yourself in a safe and high vibe group setting in the middle of the Sedona Vortex.


Go beyond what you think is possible! 

Sandra’s life-changing retreat is designed to help you clear blockages in your lower Chakras and release any trauma or disharmony linked to your conception, your birth story, your childhood and your Sexual experiences.

The new format, which has evolved out of the last 4 years of Shakti Workshops, is designed to truly birth a new version of yourself into BEING. Experience for yourself how you can master your Sexual energy, your state of being, your environment, and your destiny from a heart-centered space.

a thousand thank you’s to Sandra Rolus for being the facilitator of this experience . For making us feel so truly loved, supported and safe. I can not fully express my gratitude for her work in words, but it was transformational and life changing. Sharing sacred space with a group of women for 5 days and feeling the power of authentic sisterhood is one of the most amazing experiences. We shared our life stories, we held space for each other to be vulnerable, to cry, to yell, to be fully heard and accepted. That is powerful medicine. Watching each other transform, peel off layers of old programming and dysfunction, to reveal the beautiful authenticity in us all was an honor.

I feel such a sense of gratitude for my experience at the Shakti retreat…my time in Sedona has forever changed my life. Thank you Sandra for being a beacon of light to call us all back to our ourselves, to help us remember who we truly are, and help us remember the gifts of being a woman.

Bridget H.

sexual de-armoring

soul re-birthing

ancestral womb healing

Chakra Alignment

Green Ray Heart Activation

Inner Child & Future Self connection

Timeline Re-imprinting

Balancing of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Oracle card exercises

Movement, shaking & Ecstatic Dance

Sound Healing Alchemy Journey

Shakti Power Activations

Group exercises & processes

Group sharing Circles

  • Meet new friends and connect with a like-hearted group
  • Shift to a new time-line in alignment with your Soul’s mission
  • Experience the power of Circle work in the Sedona Vortex energy
  • Ignite your Sexual Creative Power
  • De-program old beliefs that hold you back
  • Love yourself on a deeper level
  • Birth a new YOU into Being

Meet Your Facilitators

Sandra uses Energetic Trauma Release techniques with NO physical touching or nudity which creates a safe space for people who have suffered physical or sexual abuse because of the non-threatening, deep healing approach. 

Sandra is passionate about bridging new age techniques and safe sexual healing with the science of quantum physics to create what most of us would consider to be miracles.

Ready to step onto a new time-line and into a new future reality!? 

I’m excited to meet you in person and welcome you into our healing circle…

Love, Sandra

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You were born as an essential unique piece of humanity’s big puzzle picture. Without you the big picture is not complete. No one puzzle piece is any more or less than another.  The true you is pure joy, excitement and love. The true you is empowered creative and playful regardless of circumstances. You came to Earth with a specific theme. It is your life’s purpose and journey to find what that is and express it the best you can.  When you freely and fully express yourself you synchronistically attract the pieces that fit with you and help to create a complete puzzle picture that fits and flows perfectly together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shakti?

Shakti is your primal life-force energy…Shakti is raw, pulsating, joyful energy.

If you have experienced any trauma, big or small, your flow of Shakti is going to be affected. During our 5 days together we clear out the imprints and frozen energy to optimize the flow of life-force energy inside of you.

Imagine anything that has Shakti is alive, luminous and desirable…it is the essence of vibrant health, feeling good in your own skin and feeling that your life has meaning and value.

When you have Shakti you have the energy to engage with life in meaningful ways. Shakti is the foundation for a conscious life and from this essence comes forth wisdom, beauty, playful energy, spaciousness, ability, creativity, and power.

Shakti empowers you to seek growth and change and to find purpose and fulfilment in everyday life.
When Shakti is directed inwards it empowers you to raise your consciousness, to experience yourself as part of something greater. Ultimately, Shakti is the fuel that powers personal growth and expansion of consciousness…

Join me on this journey to re-set and re-ignite the spark within that is your birth right!!!

Is this a Women only Retreat?

This Shakti Retreat will be LADIES ONLY 

This Retreat is an invitation for you to

  • Discover the path of your highest excitement and get in touch with your Divine potential.
  • Strengthen your inner life force and Shakti power.
  • Transform core beliefs: feel supported in the process of reflection into the past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your heart’s desire.
  • Heal wounds of love, guilt and shame, so that you can fully express the Sacredness of sexuality for pleasure, creativity and healing towards yourself, others and with the Divine.
  • Develop and align your intuitive wisdom with your core authentic Self and use it as a GPS in your everyday life experiences.
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and be open to receive abundance and joyful experiences.

Message Sandra for info about co-ed and men’s retreats

Is there going to be any nakedness during this retreat?

NO, Sandra approaches sexuality energetically and always connected through the heart. The clearing of the sexual reproductive system and genitals are part of the de-Armoring experience, however the sessions are done FULLY CLOTHED and do NOT include any physical touching of the private parts and genitals. If you have any other questions, please email us at Sandra@SandraRolus.com

What is included in the Retreat price?

What is included:

  • 5 Days of Quality time with Sandra
  • All meals during the Retreat days; organic, gluten-free, prepared with love by a local Vegetarian chef and Sandra…
  • All Group Sessions. Including, Sexual de-Armouring, Ancestral clearing, Soul re-Birthing, Oracle Card readings, Clarity Breathwork, Inner Child Work, Group Processes, Meditations, Activations and Circle Sharing
  • Sound Healing session
  • Daily movement, dance & yoga to support your body in the de-armouring process
  • Opportunity to meet like-hearted people and make new friends
  •  5 days of deep connection to the Sedona Vortex Energy
  • Spring water, herbal tea, healthy snacks

The Retreat Price is $1222 (all organic meals included) 
Note: if you have attended a previous Shakti Retreat with Sandra you only pay $733 (40% discount)

What is not included?

  • Airfare to Sedona via Phoenix Airport
  • Transportation from the airport to Sedona and from your lodging address to the Retreat house. Sedona has 2 excellent shuttle services from and to the airport with prices ranging between $50-$60 (one way)
  • Info about and links to the shuttle services are listed in the FAQ “transportation from the airport to Sedona”
  • Lodging: there are room options available in the retreat house (during the retreat) or in one Sandra’s Airbnb’s and carpool with her to the retreat house. If you wish to extend your stay (before or after the retreat) we recommend you book your room at one of Sandra’s Airbnb’s in West Sedona. For more info email sandra@sandrarolus.com

I prefer a private room, what are the single room options?

There are a limited number of single rooms options available, email Sandra if you are interested in a private or shared room.


What time does the Retreat start and end ?

On Day 1 we meet at 4 pm at the Retreat house and check everybody into their rooms. Before dinner we have an opening circle and after dinner we go into our first group session that evening. Plan your travel accordingly, to arrive on time!

On the last day we end around 11 am and check out of the Retreat house at that time. After we leave the house, there is an opportunity to buy yourself lunch with the group at a local restaurant. The size of the group going to lunch will depend on people’s travel schedule.


If you need to fly in a day earlier to make it work, I suggest you get a hotel near Phoenix airport and book the shuttle (or rent a car) the next morning and drive to Sedona in the daylight. 

NOTE: The Power of Shakti retreat is a life-changing event and every step builds momentum for the next one, therefore it is important to attend all the sessions that Sandra is offering.


Sample daily schedule (prepare to be flexible)

Day 1

  • 16:00 Opening circle
  • 17:00 Guided sessions and processes
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 Evening session 

Day 2, 3 and 4

  • 07:00 breakfast
  • 08:00 Movement, yoga or dance
  • 08:30 Guided sessions, sharing, journaling, Art divination
  • 12:00 Lunch break
  • 14:00 Guided sessions and processes
  • 18:00 Dinner
  • 20:00 Evening session or activity

Day 5

  • 07:00 Breakfast 
  • 08:00 Guided sessions and processes
  • 09:00 Closing ceremony
  • 11:00 Say goodbyes

What is the weather like in Sedona?


From March through May high temperatures range from the 60s to low 80s. It is the perfect time for hiking. Low temperatures will range in the high 30s to high 40s, so it can get a bit chilly as the sun recedes.

From June through September high temperatures range from the high 80s to mid-90s. Low nighttime temperatures drop into the high 50s to low 60s making for very comfortable evenings.

High temperatures fall to the mid 70s during October. November highs drop into the low 60s. Oak Creek Canyon is beautiful with the arrival of the golden colours of Autumn.

High temperatures from December through early March will average in the low 50s to 60s, but nighttime lows can get quite cold. It will snow in the winter, but usually is just a dusting and will quickly melt. However, snow cover can prolong in the higher reaches of Oak Creek Canyon. A snow-covered Sedona, Arizona is spectacular.

Google “weather+sedona”


What type of clothing do I need to bring?

Sedona has a casual vibe, no need to overdress 🙂 and the best way to prepare for Sedona weather is to bring layers! 


  • comfy yoga pants, shorts, tank top or short sleeved t-shirts, fleece vests 
  • warm socks or slippers for indoor
  • comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
  • small backpack for towel, drinking water & snack
  • swimsuit + towel 
  • water shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (just in case) 
  • Light rain coat (just in case)
  • Your camera, Sedona has lots of photo opportunities!



  • comfy yoga pants, tank top or short sleeved t-shirts, fleece vests 
  • warm socks or slippers for indoor
  • comfortable walking shoes or sneakers
  • small backpack for towel, drinking water & snack
  • swimsuit + towel 
  • water shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen (just in case) 
  • Light rain coat (just in case)
  • Your camera, Sedona has lots of photo opportunities!



  • comfy yoga pants, long sleeved t-shirts, fleece vests 
  • warm socks or slippers for indoor
  • comfortable walking shoes or sneakers 
  • small backpack for towel, drinking water & snack
  • warm boots
  • warm coat + Beanie hat, for the chilly mornings and evenings
  • sunglasses
  • Your camera, Sedona has lots of photo opportunities!


What NOT to bring 🙂 

  • Leave any resistance at home, this retreat is carefully designed and each piece of the puzzle is important. To ensure the flow of the retreat schedule and out of respect for the group energy, you are required to be on time each morning and be present for all sessions
  • Keep in mind this is non-smoking, substance free retreat. The type of deep inner work we will be doing does not mix with alcohol or drugs. If you are a smoker, Sandra will designate you to a safe outdoor area
  • Please refrain from wearing perfume, fragrances and/or strong scented essential oils, some people are oversensitive and we want to be mindful of our impact on others

How do I best prepare for this retreat?

A few weeks before, Sandra will send you a detailed email with what to bring and how to best prepare for the upcoming retreat. 

What are the circle principles and rules of conduct during the retreat?

Circle Principles & Rules of Conduct

A circle is the oldest form of gathering for human beings. Assembling this way feeds a primal need and raises the vibration of the planet! Everyone is equal in a circle so sharing and inclusion surface more readily.

I am BEYOND excited about our circle, which I will also refer to as our sacred Container. Because This is a time where you can feel safe and nourished by the energy of the group container, to let go what is holding you back and feel the energy of Sandra and the group fuelling your new vision of the future and nourishing time lines.  The principles we will practice here will benefit you on a personal level and any of your present and future group endeavours.


Our Circle Principles serve as an understanding and agreement of intention and rules of conduct:


  • State of Being: Circumstances don’t matter, our reaction to the circumstances is what matters. We promise to be the guardian of our state of being and place this principle of holding a high frequency at the top of the list. 


  • Inner Wisdom:  We understand that we are Infinite Beings having a human experience and that every “experience” is a catalyst for us to grow, learn and evolve. The connection to our Future self and Higher self is the key to Self-realization, balance, harmony and oneness.


  • Respect: We promise to respect the sacred container/circle principles. We understand and accept that the online teaching platform offered by Sandra is a sacred place, and we take full responsibility to show up with an open heart and open mind.


  • Communication: We promise to cultivate and improve our loving communication skills inside and outside the circle. We will use the talking stick principle and only speak from direct experience – the “I” perspective. We refrain from speaking about “you” and actively control the human habit of reacting, recapitulating, cross-sharing & trying to rescue others. We are in full agreement that if any triggers, issues or problems arise…this will be communicated in private with Sandra. This will enhance the feeling of safety for all involved.


  • Safety: . We promise to protect each other’s right to anonymity and privacy. We promise full confidentiality and refrain from talking, sharing or discussing any information, outside the group container. This will encourage us all to drop our armour, walls and shield and step safely in a more open-hearted, vulnerable state of being. 


  • Compassion: We actively open our hearts to everyone present, including ourselves. We practice non-judgment and non-infringement towards others. We celebrate all of the diverse ways of existence.


  • Courage: We promise to be fully disclosed and transparent about our own blockages in order to show up authentically and learn from each other


  • Silence: We consciously allow space for silence. We understand that so much of the magic happens within these pristine moments of silence.


  • Diversity & Inclusion: We acknowledge all stories as the loving expressions of our shared humanity. We include all beliefs, all paths, all loving practices, and all people. We also honor ourselves with a welcoming heart.


  • Simplicity: We value authenticity, determination, kindness, courtesy, playfulness, support, generosity, We appreciate our tears and laughter and encourage the simple blessings that shift and enhance the quality of our lives.

Flying to Sedona

If you need to fly in a day earlier to make it work, there are 2 options:
  1. book a hotel near Phoenix airport and book the shuttle (or rent a car) for the next morning
  2. Book an extra night in Sedona at Sandra’s Airbnb

If you have time and your budget allows it, please consider extending your stay. You can come a few days early and stay a few days longer to enjoy the beauty of Sedona and perhaps explore more of Arizona. 

  • Cathedral Rock
  • Birthing cave
  • Bell Rock
  • Shaman’s cave
  • Boynton Canyon
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Grand Canyon (3 hour drive from Sedona)
  • Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend (3 hour drive from Sedona)
  • Fossil Creek waterfalls (1 hour drive from Sedona)

How do I get from the airport to Sedona?

  • Car Rental. Renting a car is the best way to get from the airport to us. By the time you pay for the shuttle it is not that much more to rent a car. If you decide to rent a car, let Sandra know if you are willing to share your ride with one or more of the other participants. Carpooling is a change to recover some of your rental costs, because you will get $25/one way (per person) for the ride share, making this a win-win for everybody!!
  • Transfer from Airport by Shuttle.  You have 2 options: Book with Ace Shuttle, they will drop you at any address (home or hotel) Price = $50 one way. Another option is to book the Groome Shuttle from Phoenix to Sedona, with drop off locations at one of the hotels in Sedona or a home/retreat address, Price ranges between $50-$65 one way


Travel insurance

I recommend you get travel insurance in case you need to cancel or something unexpected comes up. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & Refund policy for the Retreat payments:
Depending on the date of cancellation, you will be able to *transfer your deposit  to another one of Sandra’s Shakti retreats within 18 months 

  • 100% deposit *transfer in case of cancellation 60+ to 15 days before the Retreat starts
  • 50% deposit *transfer in case of cancellation 14 to 8 days before the Retreat starts
  • 0% deposit *transfer in case of cancellation 7 to 0 days before the Retreat starts


I have more questions before I sign up, can I set up a Zoom call with Sandra?

YES, you can… Sandra is happy to answer any questions you may have!

CLICK HERE to set up your private guidance session with Sandra. The cost of this session is 100% transferable to your retreat deposit payment, if you choose to sign up.

I want to come earlier and/or stay longer in the area, what are the must see's and must do's?

Explore Sedona and the beauty of Arizona:

Sedona is a wonderful destination, and you might want to come early before the retreat starts or stay a few days after the retreat is over. There are many trails and landmark hikes that will take your breath away. I highly recommend you do some research prior to you booking your flights.

My personal favourites

  • Cathedral Rock
  • Bell Rock
  • West Fork Trail
  • Fay Canyon
  • Boynton Canyon
  • Slide Rock
  • Devil’s Bridge
  • Shaman’s Cave, etc…
  • also Google “Fossil Creek” (1 hour drive from Sedona), this enchanting nature spot has waterfalls and a very unique energy (note: reservation required) 

Getting around in Sedona:
The must see areas of Sedona are spread out with several miles between them and you will need transportation (rental car, Uber or Lyft) to get to the hiking sites, go to the store and/or restaurants.

Did you know that Sedona is only 3 to 4 hours from the Grand Canyon, another hidden gem is the beauty of Antilope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell, to name but a few. If you wish to explore the greater area you won’t be dissappointed, Arizona is breathtakenly beautiful…

Personal responsibility

By paying for the Shakti Retreat you are agreeing to the following terms:
By signing up and paying for a retreat or one or a series of coaching sessions with Sandra Rolus, I recognize that Sandra Rolus is not a licensed therapist nor has she claimed in any way to hold such a license.  I understand that if I am currently in therapy, it is my responsibility to consult and obtain alignment with my therapist prior to working with Sandra. I understand that if I am in need of individual counseling or if I am taking any type of psychiatric medications, this group retreat is not for me. I understand that Sandra’s retreat are 100% substance free.

This liability form is valid and effective beginning upon date of payment for such services and will remain valid indefinitely. By paying for any services or retreats I have accepted this agreement voluntarily and freely. I am accepting the terms of this liability form and understand that I have given up my considerable future legal rights and take full responsibility of any personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with Sandra Rolus and Otorongo LLC. I recognize that I take full responsibility for any emotional issues resulting from signing up for and attending a retreat and do not hold Sandra Rolus and Otorongo LLC or any of her employees responsible for those results.

Sandra Rolus does not provide medical advice of any nature, specific or general, nor the suggestion of any diagnosis or treatment, nor the endorsement of any physician or medical facility mentioned herein. Nothing herein is intended to or should serve as a substitute for medical advice or diagnoses rendered to you by your individual doctor or other health care provider. Only a licensed physician should evaluate your situation, provide a diagnosis, or render other medical advice to you, and you should act only upon the advice of such physician.  By accessing the website, you acknowledge that any decision to use any content or service available through this website or to take or not take any action based on information contained herein is your sole decision, based on your independent evaluation. 

Reserve your spot today by paying your $299 deposit
The remaining amount for the Retreat is due by September 8, 2020