Shakti Power Activation

The Shakti Power Activation heals, energizes and re-awakens your Divine feminine sexual energy. This activation will help you to heal and break free from the wounds of love, guilt and shame, both personal and collective. It will reconnect you with that Goddess life force so you can fully explore and express the Sacredness of sexuality for pleasure, creativity and healing towards yourself, others and with the Divine as this vital energy begins to flow and nourish you from the inside.

Shakti Power QuoteWomen today are born with the encoding of generations of conditioning from an outdated model of what we are meant to be as woman. One that is rooted in suppression of our true flow, sexual violence, emotional control and often living more like we are men. Women, from a young age on, have been imprinted with the belief that the gifts of the feminine are of less value in our society. This patterning in deeply held at a cellular level of the lower body and creates many kinds of struggles for woman of all ages.

For example: pain with her menstrual cycle, feeling that she is not fully living her creative potential, believing that she somehow must accept things and stop making a fuss, feeling shame about her body or sexuality, a mistrust of other women etc, the list goes on.

The Shakti Power Activation will help you to reconnect to your Divine Feminine Essence and let go of any blockages or negative belief systems that are held in the Female reproductive organs and the energy that surrounds them. It is time to bring balance and harmony between the Masculine and Feminine within ourselves and this healing Activation is offered for your own personal transformation and for the collective healing of the world, as the two cannot be seperated..