Sandra is a Sedona based, Timeline Trauma Release Facilitator and Teacher Trainer. During the 5 online (live) workshops, she will support you, to heal and release residual trauma or blockages linked to your childhood, your ancestral lineage and all your Sexual experiences, wanted or unwanted.

Sandra uses Energetic Trauma Release techniques without the need for nudity, therefore creating a safe space for people who have suffered physical or sexual abuse because of this non-threatening, deep healing approach. 



Sunday August 2, 2020 
11 am – 1 pm (Sedona time)

Session #1
De-Armouring of the Yoni and Vocal Cords

Sunday August 9, 2020 
11 am – 1 pm (Sedona time)

Session #2
De-Armouring of the Clitoris and G-Spot

Sunday August 16, 2020 
11 am – 1 pm (Sedona time)

Session #3
De-Armouring of the Cervix and Ovaries

Sunday August 23, 2020 
11 am – 1 pm (Sedona time)

Session #4
De-Armouring of the Womb and Sacred Heart

Sunday August 30, 2020 
11 am – 1 pm (Sedona time)

Session #5
Ancestral Womb Healing

Your investment?

Investing in yourself provides a great return on investment, in a myriad of ways. It will improve all of your relationships, including the one you have with yourself.  It will build your confidence, to pursue your dreams and opens doors for new opportunities and experiences you might have never encountered otherwise. 



What is Sexual de-Armouring?

More about Sandra’s Signature Session Sexual de-Armouring;

Sexual Armour is an instinctual survival mechanism. The Fight/Flight/Freeze Contraction causes trauma to get stuck on a deep cell level inside the tissue of the body. The Sexual Armour (shields and walls) that protects old wounds, will trigger patterns of fear, when under pressure, blocking any attempt you make to create long-lasting joyful life experiences.  

Most of the Sexual Armour is found in the Sexual reproductive system, the genitals and around the heart, but every energy center (also know as Chakras) are vulnerable to the effect of this prolonged state of contraction. Sexual Armour can show up in the body as blockages and discomfort in the throat (communication center) and in the Solar Plexus (center of digestive system and stomach and lower back area) to name but a few.

With Sexual de-armouring, you liberate yourself from this state of contraction and in doing so your whole being transforms and becomes magnetic. It activates a new level of Self love and Self respect that allows you to set healthy boundaries and attract more loving relationships into your reality. You will become more playful, sensitive and present and experiencing more joy and pleasure in everything you do!

Sexual De-Armouring is a powerful energetic healing technique that specifically targets pain and trauma that is stuck deep inside the tissue of the body. In most cases this can be traced back to early childhood, all the way up to the present time and sometimes even go back lifetimes!

Imagine Sexual Armour as layers of protection or shields that cause the body to contract, this contraction stops the natural flow of health, vitality and sexual energy. This contraction is usually found in the lower energy centers and pelvic area. In the female body this trauma would be inside the yoni, the clitoris, the G-spot, the Cervix, the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, and the entire sexual reproductive system. Sexual trauma/contraction can also be found in other energy centers, like your solar plexus, heart and throat.

The Sexual De-Armouring techniques are designed to awaken the natural flow of energy in your body with the intention to remove contraction that is stored deep in the tissue of your body and the energy field around it. Sexual De-Armouring is a safe and transformative process that will free you on all levels of your being and during the session we focus on freeing all the energy centers, not only the lower chakras.

When you are Sexually de-armoured you are more in tune with your body and better equipped to read people’s energy and recognise red flags. You will be able to feel what their intentions are, instead of listening to the words they say. By moving into this type of listening, listening from the heart in connection to your lower energy centers, your gut feeling so to speak, you can start making better choices that will assist and support you in attracting more loving relationships. Some situations or people are just more toxic than others and by raising your awareness you will become more aware of this energy and start using your discernment to make better choices that are in alignment with your true heart’s desire.

What is Ancestral Womb healing?

Sandra’s Signature Session; Ancestral Womb Healing is a deep guided Galactic Shamanic Journey where you can connect with your Ancestral lineage all the way back to the source of Creation.

Using Time Line re-imprinting & Shamanic Womb Constellation techniques + specific breath-work to activate deep healing and clearing on both your mother and father’s side of the family tree (even if you never met your birth parents). During this session you get to reposition yourself into your rightful place in the family set up.

This is your opportunity to honor your Divine appointment and end any and all limiting Soul Contracts and Karmic agreements that are active in your Ancestral lineage. YOU have the power to break these limiting beliefs, and in the process heal all woundedness, shame and guilt, as you open yourself up to receive the gifts of Unconditional Love and Wisdom on the deepest Soul-level.

Experience the tremendous feeling of freedom and free choice that will be activated and anchored into your consciousness after clearing the Trans-Generational & Ancestral wounds.  The time is NOW for you to receive the medicine and blessings from the highest Soul level of your ancestral lineage.

How will we connect for the live online workshops?

About one week before the first workshop​ (Sunday August 2​, USA date and time) I will send you all the info you need to best prepare for our time together + the ZOOM link to connect with me and the group for the Sexual de-Armouring and Ancestral Womb Healing. 

All the dates and titles for each workshop are listed on this webpage.​ Check your local timezone in comparison with Sedona, Arizona for the exact time at your location.

If Zoom is new to you, please go online to register and do a little test to make sure you are ready to connect with me and the group for this live experience… Connecting via ZOOM is free and super easy to get started with.

Tell me more about creating safe space and privacy during the live online workshops?

Due to the sensitive nature, it is important to create a SAFE SPACE for all the women who are attending the Sexual de-Armouring workshops. Therefore this specific series of online sessions/workshops is only offered live, and there will be no recordings. This will enhance the sense of safety & privacy for everyone during the session and for those who wish to share personal experiences with me and the group.

What are the circle principles and rules of conduct ?

Circle Principles

A circle is the oldest form of gathering for human beings. Assembling this way feeds a primal need and raises the vibration of the planet! Everyone is equal in a circle so sharing and inclusion surface more readily.

The retreat circle, which I will also refer to as our sacred Container. This is a space where you can feel safe and nourished by Sandra and the energy of the group container, so you can step with great confidence into a deeper level of self healing.  The principles we will practice here will benefit you and all members of the group .


Our Circle Principles serve as an understanding and agreement of intention and rules of conduct:


  • State of Being: Circumstances don’t matter, our reaction to the circumstances is what matters. We promise to be the guardian of our state of being and place this principle of holding a high frequency at the top of the list. 


  • Inner Wisdom:  We understand that we are Infinite Beings having a human experience and that every “experience” is a catalyst for us to grow, learn and evolve. The connection to our Future self and Higher self is the key to Self-realization, balance, harmony and oneness.


  • Respect: We promise to respect the sacred container/circle principles. We understand and accept that the online teaching platform offered by Sandra is a sacred place, and we take full responsibility to show up with an open heart and open mind.


  • Communication: We promise to cultivate and improve our loving communication skills inside and outside the circle. We will use the talking stick principle and only speak from direct experience – the “I” perspective. We refrain from speaking about “you” and actively control the human habit of reacting, recapitulating, cross-sharing & trying to rescue others. We are in full agreement that if any triggers, issues or problems arise…this will be communicated in private with Sandra. This will enhance the feeling of safety for all involved.


  • Safety: We promise to protect each other’s right to anonymity and privacy. We promise full confidentiality and refrain from talking, sharing or discussing any information, outside the group container. This will encourage us all to drop our armour, walls and shield and step safely in a more open-hearted, vulnerable state of being. 


  • Compassion: We actively open our hearts to everyone present, including ourselves. We practice non-judgment and non-infringement towards others. We celebrate all of the diverse ways of existence.


  • Courage: We promise to be fully disclosed and transparent about our own blockages in order to show up authentically and learn from each other


  • Silence: We consciously allow space for silence. We understand that so much of the magic happens within these pristine moments of silence.


  • Diversity & Inclusion: We acknowledge all stories as the loving expressions of our shared humanity. We include all beliefs, all paths, all loving practices, and all people. We also honor ourselves with a welcoming heart. 


  • Simplicity: We value authenticity, determination, kindness, courtesy, playfulness, support, generosity, We appreciate our tears and laughter and encourage the simple blessings that shift and enhance the quality of our lives.


  • Integrity & Nobility: We promise to keep all of the original content, signature sessions & shared knowledge provided by Sandra during the online workshops confidential and for private use only… All the original material remains the property of Sandra Rolus and is not to be shared with anybody else. All original content provided is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. You may not record, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, modify, create derivative works, or in any other way exploit any part of copyrighted material without the prior written permission from Sandra Rolus. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator of this work, you can sign up for the Teacher Training Program offered by Sandra


Remember; if I can do it, so can YOU!!!

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