Sexual De-Armoring

We armor ourselves as a survival mechanism…why?
Because it stops the pain an in doing so, we become numb and separated from the natural connection to ourself!

Sexual Energetic Body De-ArmoringSexual De-Armoring is an intense energetic healing technique that specifically targets pain and trauma that is stuck deep inside the tissue of the body. These painful experiences can be traced back to early childhood all the way up to the present time and sometimes even go back lifetimes!

Think of Armor as a constant state of contraction which stops the natural flow of health, vitality and sexual energy. Within these bands of armor, you hold patterns of fear, withdrawal and avoidance, therefore you cut yourself off from living your highest excitement.

Sexual De-Armoring is a deeply holistic and transformative process for body and soul. It frees and expands the overall life force energy and stimulates the natural movement of your sexual energy through your whole body to soften in order to remove your body’s energetic armor.

Everything in life is made from sexual energy, which creates and regenerates life. When you de-armor the body, your un-conscious and whole being transforms with it. You will become more sensitive and present, experiencing more joy and pleasure in every step you take.

Benefits of De-Armoring:

  • Access to deeper and higher levels of orgasm
  • More authenticity in your feelings, desires and self expression
  • More tolerance to pressure and stress
  • A noticeable increase of energy, vitality and health
  • Awakened physical senses and conscious awareness
  • Renewed joy and lust for life
  • Increased sensitivity in the physical body, opening the way towards deeper intimacy in partnerships
  • Deeper connection to your Higher Self
  • Stronger resonance with Source Energy
  • Freedom from unconscious patterns that block the natural energy flow