Soul Re-Birthing – 2 hour Session




Birthing a New YOU into Being

Reprogram your Past, Transform your Future

Healing your experience in the womb and reprogramming your birthing process

During a guided meditation I will take you back to a time before conception and connect you to the infinite being that you are, free from any karma, wounding, guilt or shame.

The Womb is often the very first place where you got wounded emotionally, because you did not feel supported, nourished or protected. By using visualization, specific breath-work and trauma release techniques I will guide you back into the womb where you can re-program your whole birthing experience.

During the session you will get important insights and experience deep cell level healing. Safe in the womb

We will nourish you as a spiritual fetus during pregnancy and heal the umbilical cord, your life support system in the womb. Because the vitality of our spiritual body, is heavily dependent on its nourishment during our time in the womb, we will feed our spiritual baby with the energy from Universal chi, Earth chi, and Cosmic chi.

We will also focus on the importance of the placenta to you as a newborn which is part of you and holds 50% of your Soul essence and life force. As most babies in the Western world you missed out on a very vital part of yourself from the first moment you entered this world because you felt “cut off” from what is rightfully yours!

During the Soul re-Birthing you will profoundly re-connect with this vital life force, your placenta, in a cocoon of unconditional love and respect.

When the trauma of this separation is healed, you can deeply relax and let go, as you find this connection within yourself, and no longer feel so drawn to find this connection outside yourself. This allows you to engage in life with a new sense of freedom, peace, and balance found from healing your inner loss at this deep separation.

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Testimony by Rachel Spring:
My experience with Sandra and her work was so profound and life-changing. I cannot put into enough words the extent of the generational healing that took place on the gorgeous afternoon on April 26, 2017, in Sedona, with Sandra Rolus. I am eternally grateful for you Sandra, and for the work you are doing on this planet.

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Liability Form for Private Coaching Sessions
By paying for one or a series of coaching sessions with Sandra Rolus, I am accepting the terms of this liability form and understand that I have given up my considerable future legal rights and take full responsibility of any personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with Sandra Rolus and Sandra Rolus LLC.  I also recognize that I take full responsibility for any emotional issues resulting from these sessions and do not hold Sandra Rolus and Sandra Rolus LLC or any of her employees responsible for those results. I recognize that Sandra Rolus is not a licensed therapist nor has she claimed in any way to hold such a license.  I understand that if I am currently in therapy, it is my responsibility to consult and obtain alignment with my therapist prior to working with Sandra. This liability form is valid and effective beginning upon date of payment for such services and will remain valid indefinitely. I have accepted this agreement voluntarily and freely.


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