Guidance Session


This online Guidance Phone or Skype Session is for you to discuss any topic that is important to you. Ask as many or as few questions as you like. We can talk about what is holding you back, what you would like to manifest or whatever comes up and is relevant to you right NOW!

60 Minute – $77



Online Guidance Session

60 Minute – $77

inner knowing quotePhone/Skype sessions are opportunities where you can reach me for support and guidance, share your experiences with me, and ask me questions that cover any topic of interest to you. We can dive into your experiences, blockages, fears & dreams and explore what type of healing or support is relevant to you right NOW.

There is free information available all through my website. Please explore my webshop to discover the different healing and clearing modalities I have to offer… if you’d like additional guidance through speaking with me, I’m open to assist and support you 100%.

If you would like to schedule a phone session, please contact me via sandra.rolus@gmail.com

By paying you are agreeing to the following terms:
Liability Form for Private Coaching Sessions
By paying for one or a series of coaching sessions with Sandra Rolus, I am accepting the terms of this liability form and understand that I have given up my considerable future legal rights and take full responsibility of any personal injury, death or damage to personal property associated with Sandra Rolus and Sandra Rolus LLC.  I also recognize that I take full responsibility for any emotional issues resulting from these sessions and do not hold Sandra Rolus and Sandra Rolus LLC or any of her employees responsible for those results. I recognize that Sandra Rolus is not a licensed therapist nor has she claimed in any way to hold such a license.  I understand that if I am currently in therapy, it is my responsibility to consult and obtain alignment with my therapist prior to working with Sandra. This liability form is valid and effective beginning upon date of payment for such services and will remain valid indefinitely. I have accepted this agreement voluntarily and freely.


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