Unlock Your Potential To Help Others With My Transformational Online Teacher Training Program

Learn how to confidently use Energetic Trauma Release Techniques, with my supportive online group training

Learn to Teach from the Scar, not the Wound

Remember; if I can do it, so can YOU…!!

New Teacher Training is planned for 2020, Application Only!

Hi, I’m Sandra Rolus, Shakti Woman and Energetic Trauma Release Teacher Trainer

I help people to release their Birth, Childhood and Sexual trauma, using Sexual de-Armouring, Soul re-Birthing & Ancestral Healing in combination with Breath work and Quantum Timeline re-imprinting technique, and I facilitate transformational workshops and retreats from my home-base in beautiful Sedona.

More about Sexual de-Armouring

Sexual de-Armouring: 

Sexual Armour is an instinctual survival mechanism. The Fight/Flight/Freeze Contraction causes trauma to get stuck on a deep cell level inside the tissue of the body. The Sexual Armour (shields and walls) that protects old wounds, will trigger patterns of fear, when under pressure, blocking any attempt you make to create long-lasting joyful life experiences.  

Most of the Sexual Armour is found in the Sexual reproductive system, the genitals and around the heart, but every energy center (also know as Chakras) are vulnerable to the effect of this prolonged state of contraction. Sexual Armour can show up in the body as blockages and discomfort in the throat (communication center) and in the Solar Plexus (center of digestive system and stomach and lower back area) to name but a few.

With Sexual de-armouring, you liberate yourself from this state of contraction and in doing so your whole being transforms and becomes magnetic. It activates a new level of Self love and Self respect that allows you to set healthy boundaries and attract more loving relationships into your reality. You will become more playful, sensitive and present and experiencing more joy and pleasure in everything you do!

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More about Soul re-Birthing

Soul re-Birthing:

Returning to a time before conception, connecting to your infinite Self before the veiling. Fully remembering your Soul Purpose and freed of anxiety and resistance towards your human experience. Inside your mother’s womb we re-program your birthing experience. Re-connecting you to the vital life-force inside the Umbilical cord & Placenta, healing the first wound of separation, birthing a new version of you into being!

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More about Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Womb Healing:

A deep guided journey where you can connect with your Ancestral lineage all the way back to the source of Creation.

Using Shamanic Womb Constellation techniques and specific breath-work to activate deep healing and clearing on both your mother and father’s side of the family tree. During this session you get to reposition yourself into your rightful place in the family set up.

This is your opportunity to honor your Divine appointment and end any and all  limiting Soul Contracts and Karmic agreements that are active in your Ancestral lineage. YOU have the power to break these limiting beliefs, and in the process heal all woundedness, shame and guilt, as you open yourself up to receive the gifts of Unconditional Love and Wisdom on the deepest Soul-level.

Experience the tremendous feeling of freedom and free choice that will be activated and anchored into your consciousness after clearing the ancestral wounds and receive the medicine and blessings from the highest Soul level of your ancestral lineage.

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I have exciting news for you

In 2020 I’ll be personally training a handful of people, so they can use these powerful techniques to help others…And I’d love for you to join us!

The 2019 edition of the Teacher Training is closed for registration, but you can send in your application for the 2020 training.  

Become a Professional Workshop Facilitator

Learn from the comfort of your home in a supportive,
 online group training + live training in Sedona

I’ve Developed a Confidence-Boosting Online Training Program 

based around the work I do, so I can share these gifts with you:
It’s my own personal combination of Soul re-Birthing, Sexual
de-Armouring, Trans-Generational & Ancestral Healing techniques.

Guided Scripts & Transformational Techniques to unlock Your Potential and Enhance your Skill Set

You can use these techniques to help people in your own practice, either in groups or individually, using my guided scripts to work – so you can begin from a place of confidence, blending in your own unique personality, style and experience.

Lifetime Access to the Selection of Educational Trauma Release Material & Other Updates

The training includes educational material, Sandra’s signature content, Guided Sessions, and you will have lifetime access to the TTP platform with tons of hand picked resources,  questionnaires and guided scripts 

Live Online Classes in a Small, Supportive Group

The biggest part of the program take place online, you will have full access to educational material in the field of Trauma Release and join live classes with a small, supportive group of attendees who are all dedicated to using their skills to help others… 

Bonus Packages

Life time access to Teacher Training updates 
50% discount for “The Power of Shakti” Retreats

This is set to be an inspirational and life-changing program, and I can’t wait to share my skills and experiences with you!

Sandra walks her talk. The teachings she relays and healing methods she teaches – you can bet she thoroughly integrated and lived them before passing them on to you!

Fabienne Fooij

Sandra is fantastic! Her passion for her work is very inspiring and her vibrancy has opened my heart to a world of endless possibilities. She is amazing and a gift to the world!

Mary Roos Nijs

During the live part of the Training you’ll stay at the Transformation Retreat House (top quality Veggie food and room included), and forge a powerful bond with your fellow training attendees.


Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Sedona Vortex.

Hit the ground running!


After you complete the program, you’ll be able to combine what you’ve learned with your own unique practice to offer individual sessions or multiple day group retreats.



I’m excited to meet you!

Attendance is by application only because this is an intimate, small group training (10 people maximum), That’s why I want to make sure everyone who attends is the best possible person to learn from and with. 

FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions

How do you guarantee us to learn those techniques?
For every module we will start with the basics; the origin of trauma and the effect on the mind-body-spirit. It is vital to understand what is behind the blockages of our clients, blockages from Birth & Childhood, blockages from Sexual or transgenerational trauma, Ancestral or past life karma…or a combination of all of the above…
The goal is to deeply understand the effects of trauma and how trauma can get stuck in the tissues of the physical body and the subconsciousness. During the training we will explore the mind-body connection and explore several techniques that can reverse the damage and restore the energy on a deep cell level.

Another part of the training is receiving… you will get full guided sessions from me to experience first hand what the effect of my signature sessions is. Our own level of healing will determine the level of support we can offer to our clients…. and the goal is to teach from the scar, not the wound!

I will guide you every step of the way during the training and share a big selection of my guided session scripts for you to use in the beginning. Remember, practice makes Perfect…. During the Teacher Training we will focus on building your confidence and give you the opportunity to practice with your fellow Teacher Trainees. Over time (when your confidence is fully activated by practicing) you can use my scripts as a guideline and add your own unique flavor to them if you like. 

Please take note that this Teacher Training is first and foremost a deep healing internal movement. Your own level of healing will determine the level of support you can offer to your clients…. during the application process we can get to know each other, and together we can explore if we are a match. If we decide we want to go on this journey together, you will have to make a commitment to finish the complete Teacher Training course.
If I miss one of the live calls is it possible to watch the recording?
Every live call will be recorded and will be available for you to watch at your convenience. How does it work? You will get a link to a private web page with all the recordings and other material that I will share with our group of Teacher Trainees. This way you do not have to worry about your insecurities in regards to the language. You will be able to watch the recordings as many times as needed. When you are an active member of the Teacher Training you will also have full access to our private Facebook group, you can use this platform to interact with the other group members and ask me questions if something is unclear to you.
Tell me more about the intensive Training in Sedona

All you need to do is get yourself over here… the cost of your training, room and all meals are included in the Teacher Training price.
During the online part of the training you will learn the basics and during our time together in Sedona we will go deeper into the details and practice to build your confidence and level of expertise.

Where do I have to fly to to get to your place?

The nearest big Airport is Sky Harbor Phoenix, Arizona and provides an excellent shuttle service to any address in Sedona 
There is also a smaller airport in Flagstaff

What are the payment plan options?
Private message me at sandra@sandrarolus.com to discuss your payment plan
How can I apply for this Teacher Training ?
You can take the first step in applying for the Teacher Training by emailing me at sandra@sandrarolus.com

Please add the following info in your email:

  • Your name, gender and age
  • Nationality + your place of Birth and current residency
  • Your experience in Healing practices, including your personal work and trainings
  • The reason/motivation you have to join my Teacher Training
  • Confirm that you read the Circle Principles and Rules of Conduct
  • Any question you may have for me at this time…
  • Anything you wish to share with me…


Circle Principles and Rules of Conduct

A circle is the oldest form of gathering for human beings. Assembling this way feeds a primal need and raises the vibration of the planet! Everyone is equal in a circle so sharing and inclusion surface more readily.

I am BEYOND excited about our Teacher Training circle, which I will also refer to as our sacred or safe Container. Because This is a time where the teacher in you can feel safe and nourished by the energy of the group container, so you as a teacher can step with great confidence into your MASTERY.  The principles we will practice here will benefit you on a personal level and any of your present and future group endeavors.


Our Circle Principles serve as an understanding and agreement of intention and Rules of Conduct


  • State of Being: Circumstances don’t matter, our reaction to the circumstances is what matters. We promise to be the guardian of our state of being and place this principle of holding a high frequency at the top of the list.


  • Inner Wisdom:  We understand that we are Infinite Beings having a human experience and that every “experience” is a catalyst for us to grow, learn and evolve. The connection to our Future self and Higher self is the key to Self-realization, balance, harmony and oneness.


  • Respect: We promise to respect the sacred container/circle principles. We understand and accept that the online teaching platform offered by Sandra is a sacred place, and we take full responsibility to show up with an open heart and open mind.


  • Communication: We promise to cultivate and improve our loving communication skills inside and outside the circle. We will use the talking stick principle and only speak from direct experience – the “I” perspective. We refrain from speaking about “you” and actively control the human habit of reacting, recapitulating, cross-sharing & trying to rescue others. We are in full agreement that if any triggers, issues or problems arise…this will be communicated in private with Sandra. This will enhance the feeling of safety for all involved.


  • Safety: . We promise to protect each other’s right to anonymity and privacy. We promise full confidentiality and refrain from talking, sharing or discussing any information, outside the group container. This will encourage us all to drop our armour, walls and shield and step safely in a more open-hearted, vulnerable state of being.


  • Compassion: We actively open our hearts to everyone present, including ourselves. We practice non-judgment and non-infringement towards others. We celebrate all of the diverse ways of existence.


  • Courage: We promise to be fully disclosed and transparent about our own blockages in order to show up authentically and learn from each other


  • Silence: We consciously allow space for silence. We understand that so much of the magic happens within these pristine moments of silence.


  • Diversity & Inclusion: We acknowledge all stories as the loving expressions of our shared humanity. We include all beliefs, all paths, all loving practices, and all people. We also honor ourselves with a welcoming heart.


  • Simplicity: We value authenticity, determination, kindness, courtesy, playfulness, support, generosity, We appreciate our tears and laughter and encourage the simple blessings that shift and enhance the quality of our lives.


Cancellation Policy
  • 100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before the Training starts
  • 50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before the Training starts
  • 0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before the Training starts
  • The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 30 days before the Training starts
  • The remaining balance is non-refundable once paid