Soul Re-Birthing: Reprogram your Past, Transform your Future

Going back to a time before conception to heal your experience in the womb and reprogram your birthing process.

Womb transformation rebirthDuring a guided meditation I will take you back to the time before conception, where you will connect to your infinite Self that is free of any karma, wounding, shame or guilt. From this Higher Soul’s perspective I will guide you back into your mother’s womb.

The Womb is often the very first place where you got wounded emotionally, because you did not feel supported, nourished or protected. By using visualization, specific breath-work and trauma release techniques I will guide you back into the womb where you can re-program your whole birthing experience.

We will nourish you as a spiritual fetus during pregnancy and heal the umbilical cord, your life support system in the womb. Because the vitality of our spiritual body, is heavily dependent on its nourishment during our time in the womb, we will feed our spiritual baby with the energy from Universal chi, Earth chi, and Cosmic chi.

We will also focus on the importance of the placenta to you as a newborn. The placenta is part of you and holds 50% of your Soul essence and life force.

Most babies in the Western world miss out on a very vital part of themselves from the first moment they enter this world, leaving you with that feeling of being “cut off” from what is rightfully yours!

During the session you will get important insights and experience deep cell level healing. As you re-connect with this vital life force, your placenta, in a cocoon of unconditional love and respect.

When the trauma of this separation is healed, you can deeply relax and let go, as you find this connection within yourself, and no longer feel so drawn to find this connection outside yourself. This allows you to engage in life with a new sense of freedom, peace, and balance found from healing your inner loss at this deep separation.

Healing the First Wound of Separation
Placenta healing life force power

The placenta is your first connection and interface to the 3D world, its role is to nourish, support, and keep you safe. It feeds you, and is there for you, providing all you need to survive, to grow, and to be born.
The placenta is your guardian, sustainer and protector. When your umbilical cord is prematurely cut, you are separated from your life force and soul connection, still pulsing through the cord connecting us to your placenta, which is part of you. This separation creates fear!
The loss, abandonment, and grief that you can experience in your mind and body as you enter this world brutally and prematurely cut off from the nurturing, unconditionally loving envelope of the placenta in the womb is a huge conditioning and loss for you that can affect your life.
You actually experience these emotions for the first time in the body in this action of cutting off of placenta cords, for before this you – placenta, womb and mother were one. It is your first separation in this world.
Re-connecting the Twin Soul Connection
Twin Souls
The placenta also holds the energy of your twin soul energy connection, for the first experience you have on the earth plane of your twin soul is the placenta in the womb that is a part of you that split off from the original fertilized egg.
When the trauma of this separation is healed, you can deeply relax and let go, as you find this connection within yourself, and no longer feel so drawn (like most people) to find this connection outside yourself…you feel your own source of nourishment and deep inner peace, comfort, and contentment that you may look outside for, in intimate relationship within yourself.
You no longer feel the desperate need for another, to find yourself in somebody outside of your own self. This allows you to engage in life with a new sense of freedom, peace, and balance found from healing your inner loss at this deep separation.


This Session is for both men and women

Beautiful animation that explains how the placenta is truly part of your essence!
The fertilized egg arranges itself into groupings… the inner cell mass become your physical body, the outer cells become the placenta.
The umbilical cord is your connection between your body and your energetic self, known as the placenta…

I had the honor of receiving the Womb Blessing from Sandra twice in Sedona. She is perfect gifted transmitter of this sacred rite. Her facilitation is filled with such radiant power and yet an incredible angelic force of gentleness & kindness. Her presence is love and you immediately feel safe to go deep and let go into her energetic embrace. She is a beautiful carrier of the divine feminine magic and I highly recommend her in all of her offerings. Dive in and let her work her magic of immaculate heart inspired healing!

Mara Luasa

Sandra walks her talk. The teachings she relays and healing methods she teaches – you can bet she thoroughly integrated and lived them before passing them on to you. I admire the way she teaches about spirituality simply by BEing. Receiving a healing, getting a coaching session or following a workshop with Sandra will leave you enriched – because of the huge arsenal of spiritual knowledge and experience this gorgeous lady has to offer, and because of her presence. I am blessed for having her as a friend, sister, mirror and teacher.

Fabienne Fooij

I loved Sandra’s workshop, it was the most beautiful, most intense experience EVER!! From the first moment I felt her power and motivation to help people, like a Shaman or medicine woman…a powerful energy you would find with the indigenous healers in the Andes. Sandra’s powerful guidance combined with specific breathing techniques and musical support, allowed me to go deeper and deeper to the core were I was able to reach an intens healing level. I felt safe to open myself up for the inward journey to bring healing, in order to be re-born! I want to thank Sandra for the work she does, she guides and supports people from a heart and Soul level, WHAT A GIFT!

Elisabeth Nicolaers

I had the chance attend Sandra’s Womb Wisdom workshop in Vienna, Austria. Sandra made the whole experience very authentic, emotional and strong. She led us through a fantastic, intensive meditation, which in my case had a healing and energetically very deep impact. I experienced the activations as beautiful, purifying and powerful. I would highly recommend Sandra and would love any time to repeat this incredible experience with her.

Christiana Mitcheva