Healing Trauma – Reprogram your Past, Transform your Future

Healing Trauma is about reprogramming your Energetic Reality, bringing in all of the aspects of your soul, your spirit… your being into your body, and everyday expression.

Most people have experienced some sort of trauma; Childhood Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Ancestral trauma, the Trauma of Abandonment or Rejection, Psychological Trauma, or some form of Physical Trauma like an accident or attack.

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Trauma has a big impact on all levels of your being.
The effects it has on your mental-physical-emotional body, ultimately blocks any attempt you make to create a long-lasting joyful life experience. You may experience waves of happiness and wellbeing, but unaddressed trauma will keep on popping up into your reality whenever you are under pressure and trigger you time and time again.

When you tune into the energy and purpose of these triggers, you start to understand that they are coming to the surface for the purpose of healing and transformation.

Trauma release and recovery is all about freedom within, reclaiming the inner peace and authentically re-connecting to your core essence. The techniques Sandra uses are Sexual de-Armouring, Soul Re-birthing, Ancestral healing, timeline trauma release, to name but a few….

kleine-sandra-vierkantMy story

From a very young age I was taught that the world was not a safe place. Childhood trauma primed me for Sexual trauma in my early teens and I endured years of feeling sexually unsafe which catapulted me into a downward spiral of anxiety and teenage depression.

For many years I felt very disempowered and shut-down my sexuality and femininity.

Struggling with my sexuality, I went from being fridgid to being promiscuous and everything in between, without any guidance or tools to heal and unblock the contractions in my Physical, mental and Emotional body.

I had all these dreams and plans, but struggled with the manifestation part while I attempted to create long-lasting joyful life experiences. Ofcourse I experienced waves of happiness and wellbeing, but under pressure of outer circumstance the unaddressed trauma kept popping up into my reality… and would trigger me time and time again.

As a single mother I was struggling with my beliefs about money, sex, survival and safety! My emotional well being was like a fragile eco system that needed tender care and without any real tools or guidance I still think it’s a miracle I made it out alive.

The patterns of fear, lead to meaningless relationships… Every intimate partner I attracted was reflecting my own blockages and these relationships mirrored the chaos inside of me… I struggled with sexual insecurity, withdrawal and avoidance, and the inability to set healthy boundaries.

In between relationships I needed plenty of recovery time to work on myself, and I focused mainly on healing my heart and opening up my voice. Part of my recovery from Childhood Trauma was trying to feel safe again to express myself and let my authentic Self come out and play.

Every time I jumped into a new relationship I got to practice,  it was like a dance, 2 steps forward, 1 step back and after yet another painful break-up, I finally hit rock bottom and I entered what one might call “the dark night of the Soul”….

This life changing experience of hitting rock bottom, opened up new possibilities to work on the lower chakras and do the shadow work…. By doing this deep work I was able to find a way to heal myself and bring balance to my sexual  energy and harmonize my inner feminine and masculine energy.

The before and after version of me blows my mind every day!!!

Looking back at who I was and the situations I got myself in… pff… I now know that that person was me, but I was never really that person… what does that mean to me? All the stored trauma and negative experiences that I had accumulated over the years had triggered a set of beliefs that were running the show…

My beliefs about my childhood, my parents, family, my partners…

All the blockages prevented me from tapping into my authentic infinite being-ness, I got glimpse of true fulfillment, but I was never truly able to hold on to that feeling…

In the last few years I have giving my personal work the highest priority, and by doing my work especially in the lower chakras, I was able to shift the energy and attract a Sacred relationship into my life.

it is crucial for every individual to do their personal work before entering a high vibe relationship, that way you can grow faster inside the relationship container

shamans-cave-sedonaComing together with my current partner opened me up for a new level of expansion and growth… he is my mirror, my partner in transformation… I feel that sacred partnerships are here to accelerate our growth and push us out of our comfort zone, in the most loving and expansive way possible…

If you are struggling or suffering in any way that is related to events that occurred in your childhood or if you ever experienced feeling unsafe sexually… if you feel you want to take it to the next level?

I am here to tell you that you can shift your life for the better!

I am ready to share all I have learned and guide you toward a more loving and positive way of living life… I am excited to offer you all the tools and tips that worked for me.

You too can experience a deeper level of connection with yourself and others and transform all of your relationships.

As always I hold loving space for you and I stand by my quote;



Sexual De-Armoring – 2 hour Session