Ancestral & Trans-Generational Womb Healing

Let me take you on this Galactic Shamanic journey where you can connect with your Ancestral lineage to heal and clear any and all energies of betrayal, guilt, shame, poverty, war, violence, physical-mental-sexual abuse, depression, sickness and anything not in alignment with Unconditional Love, all the way back to the source of Creation.

I will guide to the time before conception, back to the point where you can drop the veil of the earthly illusions and remember your infinite being-ness. Here you can tap into the purpose of your incarnation and the pre-incarnational choices you made on a Soul level. This will assist you to gain new and/or deeper insights and supports you in anchoring your light work on the the earthly planes.

From this Highest Soul perspective, we will use Shamanic Womb Constellation techniques and specific breath-work to activate deep healing and clearing on both your mother and father’s side of the family tree, in all directions of time and space…even if you never met your birth parents. 

Now is the perfect time for you to end any and all limiting Soul Contracts that are active in your Ancestral lineage. YOU have the power to break these Karmic agreements, heal all woundedness, shame and guilt, and open yourself up to receive the gifts of Unconditional Love and Wisdom from the Ancestors on the deepest Soul-level.

Experience great clarity when you look at your human life from this Highest Soul perspective and the tremendous feeling of freedom and free choice that will be activated and anchored into your consciousness after clearing the Trans-Generational & Ancestral wounds.