A letter from your Higher Self Exercise

You can imagine your Higher Self as a friend who is unconditionally wise, loving and compassionate. Imagine that this friend can see all your strengths and weaknesses, including wonderful qualities you don’t always recognize in yourself.  This friend understands the limits of human nature, and is kind, accepting, and forgiving.

Now write a letter of encouragement to yourself from the perspective of this imaginary friend (your Higher Self). Remember that your Higher Self can see all the wonderful qualities you have inside of you and knows you have unlimited potential to life your highest joy in life.

What would this friend say to you from the perspective of unlimited compassion and unwavering faith? And if you think this friend would suggest possible changes you should make, how might these suggestions embody feelings of trust, care, encouragement, and support?Love Letter

Once you’re finished, put this letter in a sealed envelope with a stamp. Ask a friend or family member to write your name and address on the envelope and take good care of it. Ask them to send you the envelope in about 1 or 2 months from now.

When you receive this letter by mail, take your time to read it and let the words sink in. Feel the compassion as it pours into you, soothing and comforting you. Love, connection and acceptance are your birthright. To claim them you need only look within yourself with the help from the perspective of your Higher Self.