16-20 May, 2018

5 Days in the Sedona Vortex


Your primary facilitator is Sandra, she is a beautiful carrier of the Shakti Energy and Divine Feminine Magic.

Her experience in Sexual Healing, Body de-armoring, Timeline re-imprinting and Meditative opening, creates a safe container for you to go deep into the healing process.

Her powerful facilitation is infused with an incredible Angelic force of gentleness & kindness. Her presence is love and you immediately feel safe to let go and re-write your story in her energetic embrace.

5 Female Facilitators to Awaken your Shakti


5 Days of Re-Programming your Energetic Reality


  • Daily Guided sessions by Sandra with lots of Shakti & Womb Wisdom
  • Daily Yoga Classes 
  • Money & Abundance session by Leisa Peterson
  • Tarot teaching & reading by Dawn DelVecchio
  • Pelvic Floor Awareness class by Lori Zeltwanger
  • Sedona Vortex experience

 5 Powerful Days of Self Love and Self Care 


  • Re-program your energetic reality and reclaim your power to transform your present & future
  • Heal your relationship with Sex & Money on all levels, body, mind & spirit
  • Re-write your birthing experience
  • Re-member and embrace your pre-incarnitive mission
  • Clear the ancestral lineage and residual family Karma
  • Meet like-hearted women and create deep and long lasting connections
  • Connect to your inner child and her playful essence
  • Find and remove blocks in your Chakras that prevent you from being your FULL joyous self in everyday life
  • Tap into your intuitive guidance using oracle cards
  • Learn more about attracting Sacred Relationships and living from the heart

Sacred Womb Wisdom Goodies and Playful Activities

What is Shakti?

This is your primal life-force energy…Shakti is raw, pulsating, joyful energy.
Anything that has Shakti is alive, luminous and desirable…it is the essence of vibrant health, feeling good in your own skin and feeling that your life has meaning and value.

When you have Shakti you have the energy to engage with life in meaningful ways. Shakti is the foundation for a conscious life and from this essence comes forth wisdom, beauty, playful energy, spaciousness, ability, creativity, and power.

Shakti empowers you to seek growth and change and to find purpose and fulfilment in everyday life.
When Shakti is directed inwards it empowers you to raise your consciousness, to experience yourself as part of something greater. Ultimately, Shakti is the fuel that powers personal growth and expansion of consciousness…

This Adventure is designed for you to:

  • Meet new friends and connect with a like-hearted group
  • Experience the power of Circle work in the Sedona Vortex energy
  • Ignite your Sexual Creative Power
  • De-program old beliefs that hold you back
  • Birth a new YOU into Being



Come explore the beauty of Sedona and connect to the powerful Vortex energy. Experience the unique high vibration and healing medicine of this Sacred land… Sedona is the perfect destination to activate deep soulful healing and awakening!

Sedona is a healing point or portal on Earth. Sedona provides the opportunity for personal expansion on all levels; Physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. It is a powerful catalyst that will open your heart and re-set your energy.










“The Power of Shakti” Itinerary

Ladies circleWednesday

Theme: “Meet the tribe”

• 4 pm arrive and settle in
• 5 pm Welcome circle and ceremony by Sandra to connect us as sisters in the tribe
• 7 pm Welcome group dinner at the house
• 8 pm Exploring Tarot & Oracle cards with Dawn DelVecchio

• 9:30 pm: Rest and integration



Theme: “Birthing a New YOU into Being”

• 8:30 am Pelvic Floor awareness by Lori Zeltwanger
• 9:30 am Ancestral Womb Healing Session by Sandra
• Group exercise and sharing

• 12 am – 4 pm Lunch break and free time to explore Sedona
• 4 pm Chakra de-Armoring session by Sandra

• 5 pm Chakra Balancing Yoga 
• 7 pm: Rest and integration



Theme: “Opening up to Abundance”

• 8:30 am Shakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga
• 9:30 am Money & Abundance session with Leisa Peterson
• 12 pm – 4 pm Lunch break and free time
• 4 pm Shakti Power & Sexual De-armoring by Sandra
• 6 pm Ecstatic Dance
• 7 pm Rest and integration




Theme: “Re-Programming your Past, Transform your Future”

• 9 am Shakti Vinyasa Flow Yoga
• 10 am Lotus Re-Birthing by Sandra
• 12 pm – 4 Lunch break and free time
• 4 pm Timeline re-imprinting session by Sandra
• 6 pm Sharing circle
• 7 pm Dance Party!! Bring potluck dinner for sharing




Theme: “Anchoring in the Power of Shakti”

•  Morning yoga
•  Oracle Card & Tarot with Dawn DelVecchio
•  Womb Blessing by Sandra
•  Closing Circle

Sandra Rolus

Sandra will be welcoming you with love and support throughout the Shakti Sedona event with experience in Energetic Body de-armoring, Womb Healing, Birth Regression and meditative opening. During her workshops she holds a very nurturing feminine space, in a strong, powerful, goddess way. She will help you open to your natural, authentic self so you can tap into a more vibrant and orgasmic way of living!

Sandra is a Womb Keeper, Reiki Master and true Lover of Life. Her facilitation is filled with radiant power and infused with an incredible angelic force of gentleness & kindness. Her presence is love and you immediately feel safe to go deep and let go into her energetic embrace. She is a beautiful carrier of the divine feminine magic. The teachings she relays and healing methods she teaches have been thoroughly integrated and lived by her, before passing them on to others.

Sandra is part of the Harmonious Earth team in Sedona and co-facilitated many life-changing group Adventures in High Vibe destinations all over the world. Over the years Sandra has also traveled solo throughout Europe to offer her Womb Wisdom workshops,and she is excited to share these specific teachings in the US. She is passionate about re-storing and supporting the balance of the Masculine and Feminine aspects in both men and women, in order to anchor this balanced energy deeply into our collective co-creative consciousness.

With over two decades of teaching experience it is Sandra’s mission and highest excitement to help raise the vibration on this beautiful planet, so we can have loving relationships and live in harmony with ourselves, others and all of creation.

Click here to read more testimonials:

Leisa Peterson

Leisa Peterson is our Money & Abundance expert and bestselling author on Amazon. She will teach us about the connection between Sex & Money!! Leisa and Sandra are excited to team up and their goal is to uncover and de-construct that core survival energy that might be stuck in your lower Chakras. Leisa helps entrepreneurs heal their money stories an is known for her ability to quickly identify the exact issues that are holding someone back from achieving their goals.

Dawn DelVecchio

During the Shakti Sedona event Dawn DelVecchio will assist and support us with her fast knowledge of the Tarot Cards. She will teach you how to use these cards as a tool for your daily intuitive guidance.

Dawn’s passions are Goddess Lore, facilitating ceremony, offering intuitive guidance & spiritual counsel. She is an expert in Tarot & Astrology readings for over 33 years and assists women in healing, clearing and actualising their Sacred Leadership potential.

Visit Dawn’s website

Lori Zeltwanger

Lori Zeltwanger, PT is a licensed physical therapist, best selling author, and owner of Advanced Release Therapy in Sedona. She specializing in pain release and women’s health and will be our Pelvic Floor expert during the Shakti event. She will educate us and bring awareness to the physical aspects of our femininity. This will enrich and deepen the energetic work and healing we will be doing througout the 5 days. Lori will be available for private sessions of Physical Sexual de-armoring if needed. 928 821-3749

Visit Lori’s website


  • Air. Fly into Phoenix Arizona Sky Harbor International Airport. Phoenix is 2 hours – 120 miles away from Sedona. Flagstaff Airport is a smaller commercial airport that is 48 min – 25 miles to Sedona.
  • Transfer from Airport by Shuttle. You can take the Arizona Shuttle from Phoenix to Sedona for $49 per person each way. The sites of Sedona are spread out with several miles between them and you will need some way to get to the sites and to where we are holding the event.  You will need a car of some other way to transport yourself to and from where the event is being held.
  • Car Rental. Renting a car is the best way to get from the airport to us. By the time you pay for the shuttle it is not that much more to rent a car.


  • Stay with Us in a Room. We have a few rooms available with a 4 night minimum stay:
    • Private message me for more details
  • Camp Out in Our Yard. You can camp out in our yard in a tent for $35 per night, $140 total. Includes a tent, double bed foam mattress, sheets, blankets, and pillows.
  • Camping by the Creek about 25 min away. It’s free! Click here for map. You’ll need your own tent and sleeping gear.
  • Airbnb: Staying at someone’s house is a good price/quality option. Make sure you book a place that’s not to far from our house. https://www.airbnb.com/s/Sedona
  • Stay at a Hotel: There are many hotels in Sedona to stay at. The list below are just some of the closer ones that are not to expensive. If you are not staying with us, you will need a car or another way to transport yourself to and from where the event is being held.

Hotels Nearby

Invest In Yourself

What is Included

  • “The Power of Shakti” intensive for 5 days in Sedona with Sandra and guest facilitators
  • Opportunity to connect to epic Sedona Vortices and Red Rock vistas.
  • Group Sessions. Including, all Meditations, Activations, Breath Work, Ecstatic Dance and Shakti Power Discussions.

What is not Included

  • Airfare to Sedona via Phoenix Airport
  • Meals
  • Transportation from the airport to Sedona and from your hotel/Airbnb to the location of the event.
  • Lodging, there are numerous hotels, Airbnb listings and even free camping options available in Sedona.

Be the Unique Puzzle Piece That You Are

You were born as an essential unique piece of humanity’s big puzzle picture. Without you the big picture is not complete. No one puzzle piece is any more or less than another. Who you really are has nothing to do with how much money you have or what you look like. The true you is pure joy, excitement and love. The true you is empowered creative and playful regardless of circumstances. For the whole system to work harmoniously each piece has to do its part. You came to Earth with a specific theme. It is your life’s purpose and journey to find what that is and express it the best you can. Upi do that by following your excitement. When you freely and fully express yourself you synchronistically attract the pieces that fit with you and help to create a complete puzzle picture that fits and flows perfectly together. People are valued for who they are, their gifts and talents, and not how much the have. It is a unified human tribe operating with a new new economy.

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